Thursday, July 16th, 2015

The Art of Journaling: Health Notes



Like many women my age, I am on the journey towards menopause. Being an only child and having left home before my mother went through the change, it’s literally been one big surprise after another. (It’s like being a pre-teen all over again…) 

One thing that’s been of great value to me, (aside from all the books I’ve read) is to take notes about all of what I’ve been experiencing. Keeping track like this for over two years, I am now able to recognize patterns, which has been really helpful- especially since brain fog is a common effect of shifting hormones.

I’m already noting the supplements I’m taking, dietary choices would probably be helpful to note as well. I also keep track of my exercise habits, though not within this same format.

The Write Stuff: Keeping a Menopause Journal

Benefits of Keeping a Menopause Journal

Do you use a notebook or journal to keep track of health related issues? Has it been helpful? Would you recommend the process to others?

2 thoughts on “The Art of Journaling: Health Notes

  1. My lovely wife would not have bogthered had she not had some complications. Her physician and shrinks demanded that she keep reasonable notes to guid their prescriptions and advice. The charts, those that got filled out and those that were not lost, were invaluable. But they were not in a journal.

  2. I suffer from chronic pain, at the advice of my civilian physician I keep a pain journal.

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