Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Guest Blogger: Steve Allen


Steve Allen is a retired soldier, freelance editor and occasional writer. Roaming the Pacific Northwest, Steve lives near Seattle with his beautiful wife, two daughters, a goofy black Lab and a neurotic Terrier.


Help! I am addicted to Post-it Notes!

Looking around my office work space, I realize that I have about a million Post-it Notes of all kinds, various shapes, sizes and colors. Most of the Post-it Notes I have are used for marking books that I use for reference in my writing and taking notes in my 20 or so note books when I have an idea.

Before the advent of the wondrous and extremely useful to the prospective writer, Microsoft One Note 2010 program, I used thousands of Post-it Notes that are still stuffed in books, magazines, and lots of steno note pads scattered around the house.

I always keep at least a pen and a small note book with me to write ideas whenever they may strike. All of my little steno note pads are festooned with Post-it Notes in a jumbled haphazard mess that only a savant may be able to discern.

I tend to favor the more traditional square yellow Post-it Notes but also have ones in fluorescent colors, and pleasant earth tones. I have never found a Post-it Notes that I do not like as long as it is sticky and has room for my illegible scrawl.

I have Post-it Notes made from recycled paper, paper from Earth-friendly eco sources (sugar cane waste, kenaf, etc.), and Post-it Notes from the most destructive eco destroying companies on the face of the Earth.

I have large 5 x 9″ lined Post-it Notes for making detailed, long lists, and little tiny Post-it Notes barely able to hold one line of text.

I know I am seriously OCD, which has gotten worse since the onset of PTSD, but I still collect Post-it Notes in an ever growing collection despite my excessive use of them.  I have enough Post-it Notes that should either the SHTF or TEOTWAWKI, a black swan event, or another Carrington Event.  I still have enough Post-it Notes to last me for a while.  I may run out of reading material though.

Even with the advent of Microsoft’s One Note 2010, I still feather books, magazines and steno note books with lots of Post-it Notes.

What are your favorite Post-it Notes?

3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Steve Allen

  1. Fun post. Or should I say, fun post-it.

    We keep plenty of the pastel PIs around, plus the larger lined “notepad.”

    I do think “neurotic Terrier” might be redundant. :)

  2. I had a pad from a dollar store of good paper dot pad postable notes. Never able to find them again, but they were wonderful!

  3. Hey Steve, enjoyable post. I’m a very casual post it note user but mainly because they are terrible at taking fountain pen ink, my preferred writing stick. I’m always amazed at the story of how they were invented and gives me a warm feeling that ingenuity is always alive in America. My Post It Note of choice? I still use my share of standard boring 3×3 yellow.

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