Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: Where are you buying your Rhodia?



Rhodia products can often be found at specialty brick and mortar retailers such as art stores, book stores, stationery stores, etc. You can also find it in some unexpected places – such as McGuckin hardware store in Boulder, Colorado, WORD Independent Community Bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, or Velo Orange cycling shop in Annapolis, Maryland.

To find a local shop in the US that sells Rhodia, or any of the Exaclair brands, check out this interactive state map. Be sure to call to confirm stock on hand, as not all retailers carry all Exaclair brands or products within a particular line. (Exaclair is the USA distributor of  Clairefontaine, Rhodia, Quo Vadis, J. Herbin, Exacompta, Brause, Decopatch, Schut Paper, Avenue Mandarine and Maildor.)

If you don’t have a local shop to supply you with your favorite Rhodia products, online retailers like Goulet PensJetPens, or Writer’s Bloc might be a good place to start. (See more of our online retailers here.)

Where are you buying your Rhodia? Do you have a regular supplier? Did you ever buy Rhodia while on a trip to another city, or country? 

(The photo above was taken in my local Blick.)

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: Where are you buying your Rhodia?

  1. Depends on what I am looking for, but I try to support the local brick and mortar store. Elliot Bay Books in Seattle has a decent selection of Rhodia products.

  2. Wow. Fellow Houstonians here. I live in the Westchase district myself and also frequent Dromgoole’s. Goulet Pens is my online source of choice.

  3. I miss Art Brown, but no longer commute to Manhattan anyway … I’ve been trying to visit and purchase from AIFriedman in Port Chester, they’re the closest to me with an ok selection. Otherwise I shop online and it depends what I’m looking for where I make the purchase.

  4. I try to support my nearest brick & mortar: Dromgoole’s in Houston, TX. When there’s something I need that they don’t have or it will be too many weeks before I get into town (25 miles from me), I will order from Goulet Pens.

    In my enthusiasm to support Dromgoole’s, I discovered during spring cleaning that I have eight #16 Rhodia staple bound notepads in various configurations. Oops.

  5. I buy mine from Dromgoole’s, Writer’s Bloc, Goulet Pens, and isellpens (Todd Nussbaum).

    I usually can’t find them locally in my town.

  6. Elmwood Stationers in Berkeley carries both the Rhodia Pad No 8 and the Clairfontaine 3606 that I use regularly.

  7. I order mine in bulk once a year from Wonder Pens in Canada, right around my birthday. I rarely ever get anywhere where there is a a physical store that carries them.

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