Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: How Do You Use Your Journals?



Which best describes you?

  • I only write in my journal.
  • I write and sometimes sketch/doodle in my journal.
  • I extensively use my journals to create art

For the longest time I would only write in my journals and was pretty adamant about keeping a separate sketchbook, but now I use them for both writing and sketching. Despite keeping at least a dozen sketchbooks in a variety of sizes and paper options going at any one time, it seems easier to sketch an idea where I’m writing. If it warrants further exploration, I reach for a sketchpad.

The sketches in my journals are usually either quick conceptual studies, or of one my ubiquitous mandala meditation doodles.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: How Do You Use Your Journals?

  1. I tend to separate my journals by task. In my daily journal I only use text. I have a couple of sketch journals. One is for general zentangles, another is for the illustrations I create for my scifaiku poetry, and another is for experimenting with watercolors. Rhodia is great paper for most of my text work, but I confess that I prefer my Canson mix-media journal for sketching and watercolors.

  2. I used to be the opposite and keep everything in one (sketches and notes all mixed together) and eventually it got a bit stressful for me because it wasn’t as organised as I wanted things to be. Eventually I ended up using separate books (one for drawing ideas, one for writing). Occasionally I add in a little doodle to emphasize my notes, but that is about it. (:

  3. I use mine for Sketchnoting, a combination of notetaking and sketches. This is great for notetaking. I also sketch and take notes separately in it. I used to have all sorts of books for notes, but one that goes everywhere and does it all is the ideal, I find. To misquote Tolkien ” one book to rule them all”.


  4. I used to carry separate journals and books for each task, todo’s, prayer list, daily journal etc. The weight and bulkiness of everything really drove me to a single journal for everything. I’m still getting used to a system to organize everything but my shoulder is a lot happier not carrying around all the weight.

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