Monday, June 22nd, 2015

The Paper Project: Feedback on Clairefontaine Graf it Paper



In Week 8 of The Paper Project, we offered samples of Clairefontaine Graf-It paper in both blank and dot ruling.  

GraF it Sketch Pads are a modern collection of sketch pads with unbeatable prices, vibrant colors and unique covers. 

• 90 g white Clairefontaine sketch paper, matte texture and feel
• Blank or with dot grid (pale violet dots with 5 mm interval – same as Rhodia dot grid)
• 4 sizes available: Blank in 4 x 6″,  6 x 8″,  8 x 12″, 12×17″ – Dot grid in 6×8″ and 8×12″
• 80 sheets, acid-free paper
• Glued and stapled on top
• Sturdy cardboard inside the back cover
• Microperforated sheets for easy and clean removal
• Colorful covers/2 designs sold assorted

*Note from Stephanie: (the artist) Graf-It paper is a lightly textured sketch paper and your pencils, artist crayons, and even pastels will especially love it.

Aisazia said: These examples are more textured than their usual Rhodia or Clairefontaine products. It’s not buttery smooth but it’s got just enough feedback that you can feel the tactileness of writing. It’s perfect for pencil or color pencil but it gets along well with pen or fountain pen ink. I didn’t get any bleeding or feathering. These would be great for small sketchbooks. I like both the dot and blank versions but in this case I probably wold prefer the blank version.

bonnie jean woolger said: These papers are the slightly rough surface of my favorite Rhodia papers. Please jump over to my blog and see some drawings on these papers.

Jeff Dickerson said: Another great paper. No bleedthrough. Love the 90g weight. I like the dots,helps keep me straight across the paper but they are not obtrusive. But, with or without dots, this is a great paper.

Stephen said: Really good paper. No issues at all when writing with a fountain pen.
I’m just not a fan of the size. I’m not sure what to use it for. I also don’t get the dots. Obviously they are everywhere and very popular. I just haven’t understood it yet. I much prefer just regular lined paper. I guess I’m just old fashioned.

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  1. This is the stuff I use when I am planning anything out. It works amazing with pencil, especially wax-based ones, and it durable if you are going hard with an eraser. I don’t always like it with fountain pen, but I use it constantly to plot out my work in progress. <3

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