Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Guest Blogger: Y. Amit


Y. Amit is a legal professional and former writer and translator based in Israel. He bought his first fountain pen when he was 12, and hasn’t stopped since. His mission in life is to get others to see the beauty and grace of using fine pens and luxurious stationery.


How does one know that one’s addicted to stationery? Perhaps it is when one (Me? Who said anything about me?) feels one absolutely MUST try a new ink, rumored to be the perfect blue?

Or when one (again: me? Absolutely not! Just some other paper-junky) goes strolling in Tel Aviv, and finds oneself entering stationery and office supply stores, buying more hardcover notebooks than one may need for a lifetime, just because one found oneself in front of a new Rhodiarama color, and found out that the local distributor in one’s country is about to stop bringing in the Webnotebooks, so one may be required to import them on one’s own…

Or when one plans one’s family vacation with the stationery stores in mind, not just amusement parks?

The result is a shelf of notebooks – of all brands, sizes and designs, a drawer full of ink bottles (let’s admit – several drawers, both at home and in the office), and numerous pens of all colors, sizes, materials and nibs.

They say acknowledging the problem is half way to solving it – but which problem are they talking about?



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