Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Guest Blogger: Kate Marshall


Kate Marshall is a Philadelphia-area writer and stationery fan. When she’s not coming up with excuses to use her fountain pens, she’s trying to master a toe loop in figure skating. Her blog is Kate’s Place, Reborn.


I know everyone uses their notebooks differently and I’ve found a fun use for my Rhodiarama notebook–class notes! I’ve been going to school part-time for my master’s degree, which requires a lot of note-taking.  This semester’s class is all online, including the weekly class sessions. Between live class meetings, journal articles to read, research to conduct, assignments to write, and weekly blog posts about my research progress, I’m writing all the time.  My Rhodia has been my class notebook.  It’s a huge help during the online class meetings.  118627c_turquoise_750

At the beginning of the semester, I thought I’d take notes using a program like Scrivener or Evernote especially since I can incorporate the homework assignments and research findings–and with Evernote I could sync everything between my phone and laptop. But I quickly realized that typing my class notes might not work because: online class. There’s some talking but a lot of the time my classmates and I communicate with each other via the “classroom’s” chat board. That’s a lot of typing.

Even more importantly, if I do talk, it’s difficult to type notes at the same time because my computer’s microphone will pick up the sound of the keys. *Awkward*. If I try to type while someone else is speaking, I have to constantly check that my microphone is muted and sometimes, I like to just leave it on in case my turn comes up next.

There are other more creative uses for a Webbie notebook but sometimes you just need a notebook to keep your class notes without disturbing an entire online class.

As for keeping my notes together with my homework and research, I do scan the handwritten pages into Evernote.



3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Kate Marshall

  1. Hi Kate

    Thanks for the guest blog. I know what you mean about the keyboard clacking. You would think I was using a bald peen hammer sometimes when I’m on the phone and “get caught”. Of course I just dive for the mute button then the audience never really knows who it was ha!…I love taking notes by hand though. I like the Rhodia products because the lay flat and the great paper takes my fountain pen ink so well. Wishing you all the success on your studies

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