Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: You love the dots. How could we make them even better?



Any time I’m looking through my Feedly blog reader, I see tons and tons of people using the dotPads for their fountain pen ink tests. While the graph ruling is still Rhodia’s most popular selling option, the dot grid has been the fastest growing in popularity. Quite a feat considering that the dots are still only available in few products in comparison to the entire Rhodia line!

So we know that you love the dots, but if you had your way, how could we make them even better? Would you like to see more binding options? Different colored dots on different colored paper? Smaller or larger dot spacing? Meeting Books with dots?

The dot grid is currently in the following products:

The Classic Black/Orange Webnotebook (but not the Landscape or Rhodiarama Webbies and the Webnotepad.


The NEW Pocket Notepad, several sizes of the top staple bound (dotPads), and also NEW, are two sizes in the top spiral pads.


In other Exaclair lines, the only other product with an available dot option is the Clairefontaine Graf-It Sketch Pad which are available in 4 sizes.

PS: Wouldn’t it be cool if the Exacompta Index Cards were available with a dot grid??? I’m also patiently waiting for side spiral dotBooks. 

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9 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: You love the dots. How could we make them even better?

  1. I’d like to see larger spacing in the dot pads. 5mm is way too small for normal writing unless I’m using an EF or F nib. I prefer to use bold and 1.1 – 1.5mm italic nibs. A 7mm dot pattern would fit my needs better.

  2. I would love to see Exacompta Index Cards with dot grids. More binding options would be nice as well. I tend to avoid anything spiral bound. The wires tend to come loose over time and become a hazard.

  3. More binding options! I would love to see the side stapled notebooks available in dotted ruling especially – they would be perfect for students like myself, particularly for doing mathematics.

  4. No. 12, No. 16 and No. 18 Dotpads are my constant companions. The white 80g paper is perfect for all of my jots, lists and casual correspondence and shows the beauty of my fountain pen nibs and inks. Even the microperforation is superb. I would love the same paper larger sheet count in a Webbie-style product with a slimmer leatherette cover.

  5. Thrilled with the new pocket pads. Love! I’d really prefer the dots a little farther apart for those of us who aren’t needle-nibbers. My OBB nibs mean I’m skipping up to every other dot to make a line and that’s just a tad, a trifle, a scintilla, a scootch, yes, even a hair too wide. Don’t you love tech terms?!

    While dots make for awesome flexibility and the ability to write neatly even on an angle (hmm – think I’ll have to make a review posting out of this one to show how I use my No. 38 Dot Pads), I could really use slightly wider placement of the dots. Or maybe the equivalent of French ruling for dot pads? Now THERE’S a concept to make one’s head ache!

  6. If dot grid could be available in the ice or white paper, that would be a dream.

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