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The Paper Project: Feedback on Rhodia Meeting Book Paper


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In Week 7 of The Paper Project, we offered samples from the Classic Rhodia Meeting Book and the Rhodia Meeting Book 90

Characteristics for both the Classic Rhodia Meeting Book and the Rhodia Meeting Book 90 include:

  • 2 sizes: Compact 6 ½ x 8 ¼” and Large 9 x 11 ¾”
  • 80 Pre-printed lined sheets include: Date + Notes + Action
  • Micro-perforated sheets for easy and clean removal

Differences between the Classic Rhodia Meeting Book and the Rhodia Meeting Book 90 include:

  • The Classic Rhodia Meeting Book has orange or black coated and waterproof card covers and 80g paper.
  • The Rhodia Meeting Book 90 has a black polypro cover and 90g paper.

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Mike Clemens said: The A5 meeting book sample filled a need I didn’t know I had. I’ve been using a spiral brand A4 notebook to keep track of notes for my weekly development meetings, and always find myself trying to keep track of the actionable items versus general notes. I used the samples, and liked them so much that I immediately picked up a book for 2015, instead of starting my usual blank notebook at the start of the year.

Denis said: Just received the samples and did some testing with the following writing instruments: – Pilot V-Ball BeGreen 0.5 (roller) – Pilot Razor Point II (felt tip) – Pentel Graphlet mechanical pencil 0.5 with Pentel Ain HB lead – Blackwing 602

Both paper performed well in terms of bleedthrough and showthrough although I think that if the V-Ball would have been a 0.7 that it would have bleedthrough. The pencils gave a wonderfull experience on the 90g, enough to convince me to use pencils more often. They just glide on the page with minimal effort. There was a little more tooth to the 80g paper, similar to the dotpads I normally use. As for the format, I would prefer not having the action column which is too narrow for my writing style (I prefer not to be constraint to a particular layout). I would love to see such nice paper in the same size as a marble composition notebook (and without margins)

Jeff Dickerson said: Absolutely love the Meeting Book paper. I tried to get bleed through with fountain pen, gel, highlighter.Only a little bleed through with an orange highlighter. I will definitely buy this book. Smooth finish, quick dryback with fountain pen ink. A joy to use and great way to organize notes. If you have not connected with David Allen and getting things done, do so, it will transform the way you organize and this book is perfect for GTD practices.

Andrew said: Both the 80g and 90g are very nice. I wasn’t expecting much of a difference at first, but I can honestly say the 90g did feel better. It was smoother but with just enough tooth to provide feedback. I tested both with a Fine Pilot VP since that would be the most likely pen I’d take to meetings. The closest thing I have to compare these layouts to is the competing Maruman Mnemosyne. The Rhodia 90g was closest matched as far as finish. Both are side spiral bound and both have perforations. As far as the layout, I do prefer that of the Rhodia. In my opinion, the Mnemosyne takes up too much room at the top for the Date. While the Rhodia page actually takes up more room at the top for title, I like how the date field is placed up in the top corner. I can see how you might need six lines as a title to a page occasionally; however, I feel like this is overkill to allot that many on every page. Maybe three… but if I need more than that to sum up the gist of a meeting I can always use up the first lines in the notes section. One thing the Rhodia adds is the Actions sidebar section. This is nice. Rarely am I in a meeting where at least something comes up as an actionable item that requires follow up. All in all, good job!

Stephen said: Wonderful paper. It really does take a fountain pen without bleeding through to the other side. I am not sure if the size will be ok for me. It might be too small. But, I did purchase one of these meeting books and I am going to give it a try. The perforations are wonderful

Rick Meisenzahl said: I like the smaller size of the message book. The trick is to lighten the load I’m carrying.

bonnie jean woolger said: This was a challenge for me as I am not much of a note taker and rarely attend meetings. Please go to my blog and see the samples in use.

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  1. The A5 size book with perforations is great it gives a duel flexibility at work that I did not have before I always seemed like I was carrying a pad of paper for notes\ reminders for people plus my own notebook lightens my load when traveling

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