Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: Removable pages, Yes or No?


A5 DotPad

How important is it to you for pages in your journals or notepads to be removable?

We received a recent question asking which Rhodia products offered removable microperforated pages. This list would include the top staplebound classic notepads, the R premium notepads, the new Pocket Notepad, all of the spiral bound products, (including the Meeting Book) the Unlimited, and the Webnotepad.

Rhodia products without removable pages would include the Webnotebook, (including the Rhodiarama Webbies) the landscape Webnotebook, and the side staplebound classic notebooks.

Feel free to peruse all of the Rhodia products and options on RhodiaPads.com.



14 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: Removable pages, Yes or No?

  1. Perforated…for some applications this is the only thing that works. Would be great to have the choice of fixed or perforated in both pads and books.

  2. I use the ARC system from Staples when I want removable pages. I want my pages to remain fixed, except in my pocket 3×5 notepads – I want those pages removable. I often scribble ideas in my pocket notepads, and then tear the page out when I enter the idea into one of my larger notepads.

  3. In some cases yet, which is why I use the ARC system from Staples, but I would definitely like some perforated notebooks to add to my collection. However, for my main journals, I like the pages to remain. Even the perfectionist me believes that my written record should remain intact. Something that is torn out must represent a particular day I am not happy with.

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