Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: More Yellow Paper?



Rhodia currently offers only one pad with yellow paper, the 8 ¼ x 12 ½ ” (A4+) N°19 which includes 80 sheets of micro-perforated superfine vellum paper. The ruling is lined with a margin.

If you have tried this paper and love it, in what other sizes, formats, or rulings would you like to see it offered?

Haven’t tried this paper yet? Notes from personal experience: it’s a little toothier than regular Rhodia paper and is great with pencil, though I found the yellow to be a bit too hard on my eyes.

Fred Pitts Review of the yellow Rhodia paper 

Pencil Revolution review of the yellow Rhodia paper 

Clickthing review of the yellow Rhodia paper 

Ed Jelley’s comparison photos yellow/white Rhodia paper


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: More Yellow Paper?

  1. ooh i didn’t know of this, i’ll have to explore! i love yellow for drafting. i’d like a narrow rule, no margin at least a5 size, though a4 would be nice too. (if must margin then a double line please, i turn that into check boxes.)

  2. I haven’t tried this and now I must. For much of my super-fast creative writing, I often wish I had something a little toothier and more absorbent so I can rush through the pages. My former favorite (to remain nameless) was discontinued by the manufacturer. So, it might suit my needs perfectly IF it were in an A4 Classic Staplebound Notebook format (119168/119169).

  3. I actually love this paper and wish that Rhodia made more notebooks in yellow. It is impossible to find in the US, but many stockists in Paris carry it. I like it for notes because the yellow paper is easily distinguishable from the other papers in a file folder. It also has a slightly different feel when writing, also a plus for me. I especially like Rhodia graph paper notebooks, and would be delighted to see it in yellow. I would also like yellow paper, graph or lined, in the 14,8 x 21 cm size. Please! More yellow paper!!!

  4. Haven’t yet tried it, but I’m a graph/dot-grid diehard so I’d be holding out for that. The color doesn’t look too harsh, though.

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