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Sign Up Now – Paper Project Week 18: Samples from Habana and Webnotebook


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The Paper Project puts FREE Exaclair paper samples in your hands – allowing you to try before you buy. Every other Monday we will be offering samples from 1-4 Exaclair products to the first 50 people who sign up within that week. There is no limit to how many weeks you can sign up, and each week’s participants will be notified via e-mail that their samples are on their way.

Week 18 samples for the Paper Project include lined samples from each  of the small (pocket) and large (compact) versions of the Rhodia Webnotebook (Webbie) and the Quo Vadis Habana.

The Webbies include 90g ivory paper in ruled, blank or dot grid rulings. It is available in two sizes, and with black or orange covers.

The Habanas use an 85g either white or ivory paper in lined or blank rulings. It is available in 3 sizes and in a variety of cover options.

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Week 18 of The Paper Project is now closed for submissions- and due to the tremendous amount of requests we received for samples, we will be offering 80 instead of 50.

Which will be your favorite, and why? 

We want to know how this product stands up to your favorite pens and pencils, (or other art or writing supplies you’d like to try with it)– so if you’ve been chosen to receive samples, please come back and leave comments on this corresponding week’s page. We also encourage you to blog about your experience, and/or share links about this project to your favorite social media sites.

Tag #rhodiapaperproject on Instagram and Pinterest. If you’d like us to see your Paper Project blog posts, post your links in the comment section on corresponding week’s page OR to our Rhodia Drive Facebook page.

What kind of comments are we looking for?

  • Tell us what you like/don’t like about the paper: surface texture, ruling, ink, etc.
  • How do you like using your favorite writing/art supplies on it.
  • Would you use it to write/draw/doodle/sketch etc.?
  • …and anything else you think we should know.

Need a few recent reviews for inspiration?

From Jeff Dickerson on Week 10 offerings: “Another batch of great samples. All 90g and absolutely no bleed through with fountain pen ink. All three had great surfaces and my fountain pen grabbed well and dried quickly. The ivory with gray lines is a beautiful color and my black ink stands out on it. Ink dried in 30 seconds but if blotted it dried immediately.”

From Tony Thomas on the Week 13 offering: First, I tried it as a mouse pad. Works great. Next, as a writing pad. Although the grid lines are darker than I would like (I prefer the faint violet lines), it performed flawlessly for writing using a variety of fountain pens and inks. No bleed through and very faint show through. I also tried it with pencil and was very impressed with its smoothness. Another great product from Rhodia and highly recommended!’

Rhodia Week 12 at bjw-draw “This week I discovered an irresistible combo from Rhodia and JetPens. Clairefontaine GraF it 90g paper and the Rook pen. This is a little stubby fountain pen, fine point.It has survived rolling around in my pocket. It is the perfect match for this paper that has just a little bit of tooth to hold the nib but still allow for the smooth line.”

You can also check out all the reviews that people are posting in the comment sections of posts from Week 1 Week 2,  Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12 , Week 13Week 14 Week 15,  Week 16 and Week 17

If you are viewing this post via e-mail or on a mobile device, you may need to visit Rhodia Drive directly to see the entry form. (Entries must be received through the form – please do not post your name and address in the comment section of this post to receive samples. Thank you!)

20 thoughts on “Sign Up Now – Paper Project Week 18: Samples from Habana and Webnotebook

  1. Thanks for sending me the paper samples.

    I’ve used and enjoyed a number of Rhodia products in the past and this was everything I’m used to–smooth, no bleed through, no feathering, reasonable dry times, etc. Good stuff.

    This is my first time trying Quo Vadis paper and I really liked it. Very smooth, though maybe slightly less so than the Rhodia. No bleed through, but a little show through at times. No feathering, but maybe slightly longer dry times. I feel the line spacing is a bit tight, but I do really like the somewhat larger size compared to the Rhodia.

    I’m not an artist but I do have some acrylic paints for modelling, so I tried one–Vallejo WWII German Field Gray–on both papers. They both performed well and at about the same level. No bleed through on either, though maybe a touch more show through on the Rhodia.

    Again, thanks for the opportunity to try the paper and I hope this is useful.

    Warm Regards

  2. I agree with all the comments above. It is interesting that the small Habana allows more bleed through. I was impressed that none of the papers showed much bleed through with a fine point sharpie. The rules are dark enough to see but they do not get in the way of any text I add to the page. I need some guide to keep my text lines straight and the gray on the ivory paper does the job. I prefer the 90g paper because there is less bleed. Both finishes worked with fountain pen ink, neither feathered. I used red and black ink and both held their color and did not soak in. Overall, another quality group of papers.

  3. First off, so enjoy doing this. This series of papers is pretty rock solid! Thank you for allowing me to participate!
    I used medium, fine and extra fine nib fountain pens (Pilot Prera, Metro, Jinhao 250, Lamy Vista, and Platinum Preppy) for this review, as well as a Bic ballpoint, a purple Prisma brush pen, a Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.4 mm pen, a Uniball pigment pen, and a mechanical pencil to put these papers through the test.
    The 85g Quo Vadis Habana has a smoother feel than the 90g, but both were excellent for writing.
    The Rhodia 90g was a trooper, although for a mechanical pencil the paper was a bit too slick…I think a regular pencil would work best. No show-through, no bleed-through. It was a smooth writing experience. A little light scratch feel with a Preppy EF, but not enough to discourage a writer.
    The Quo Vadis 85g produced an interesting surprise: The small size has show through with medium nib fountain pens, but not with the large version of the same paper. Again, enjoyable to write with, but for picky fountain pen writers, there might be a little push back. Personally, I would own either notebook and paper. Father’s Day is coming…need to talk to my daughters.

  4. Thanks for sending me the pages from the small and large Webnotebook and Quo Vadis Habana to try out. The pages in all the notebooks are ivory so if you like white paper these would not be the notebooks for you. I’m primarily a fountain pen user so I tried out all my various fountain pens on the sample pages. The nibs ranged from extra fine to broad with a variety of inks. My pens liked writing on all the papers, which were very smooth. None of the sample pages exhibited any bleedthrough.

    In the small notebooks, the Webnotebook was a bit smaller than the Habana, but had the heavier paper, 90g versus 85g. The ruling was the same on both and I would have chosen the Habana because of its slightly larger size except I had ghosting with a couple of my pens with wetter/broader nibs. So out of the two small notebooks, my pick would be the Webnotebook.

    As for the larger notebooks, they both handled all my fountain pens without any ghosting, which was interesting since the Habana had the same 85g paper as its smaller sibling. As in the smaller version of these notebooks, the Habana was a bit larger than the Webnotebook, which featured the 90g paper. Since both notebooks handled my fountain pens equally well, the deciding factor for me was the ruling of the paper. The Habana had a narrower ruling, which I like better than the wider ruling of the Webnotebook. So out of the two large notebooks, my choice would be the Habana.

  5. Rhodia Webnotebook 90g:
    + Overall, the paper is very smooth
    + It can handle dip nib writing without feathering
    – There’s slight bleed-through
    – The lines are a bit thicker than I like (to be fair, I generally use 5×5 grids)
    Summary: Great for sharpies and sharpie pens and ballpoint

    Quo Vadis Habana
    o More matte than the webnotebook
    + I like the spacing
    + I also prefer the larger page size to the tiny one
    – The paper feathers ink
    – There’s more bleedthrough
    + This paper smears less

    If you’d like to see the test pages post .. well, post-testing:

  6. Here’s some additional observations – and pretty specific – about this (and other) paper tests.
    As I said in my review, all the paper is very good. Some paper is best for certain uses. Yet, it’s not all about the paper. Equally important in my view is the format, or function, the paper is bundled in. I do have a Quo Vadis Habana – 6.25 x 9.25, Lined Paper, plus a couple of Rhodia notepads. But my daily notebook, the one I carry with me, is the Leuchtturm 1917 Pocket notebook. Why? The primary reason is the numbered pages with an index in the front. Another reason is 185 pages. Plus the size is very portable for me.

    The numbered pages allow me to keep one notebook with me. I can jot notes while reading books, notes at doctor’s appointments, Tasks that come to mind, Bible questions or references while studying. The index with numbered pages allow me to reference, in general, where the notes reside. Example, I have one index page (for now) dedicated towards books. While reading a book I’ll block off sections of pages for notes and put those in the index. They won’t necessarily be contiguous since life doesn’t work that way, but I’m finding it easy enough to keep track.

    But, I have to give up using the highest quality paper. Not to say that Leuchtturm paper is poor, far from it! Just that there’s some bleeding on pages.


  7. Thank you for the chance to compare these sample papers! My current journal is a large Quo Vadis Habana, but I have not used a small Habana or any size Rhodia Webnotebook so I was very interested to do a comparison. The only paper that showed any bleedthrough at all was the small Habana; apparently the paper is somehow different from the large one? All of the papers were very, very smooth to write on. The Rhodia paper was a darker shade than the Quo Vadis and I thought at first the almost yellow color would bother me, but it didn’t. I was surprised at how the slightly heavier weight of the Rhodia paper completely got rid of ghosting for everything except the brush pen. Graphite pencils worked very well on all the papers but with colored pencils the Rhodia paper seemed to have a coating that resisted the color a bit. My only complaint ever about the Habana has been how narrow the lines are. My writing is not super large but the lines do make me feel cramped. I didn’t think going from 5.5 mm to 7 mm (large Habana to large Webnotebook) would make that much difference, but it totally did. I loved the very slightly wider lines. I have been working my way through the Quo Vadis artist series and the Robert le Heros covers, but I now see a Rhodiarama in my future.

  8. All the papers in this test are very good. They really are. Each has a forte though that lends itself to certain uses. For example, a “lighter” weight paper is better for small pages in smaller notebooks. That doesn’t mean it’s not quality paper.

    All the papers in this test were very high quality. I used a couple of fountain pens with various inks and all performed very well. 85g or 90g weight paper – didn’t matter all that much. Is there a difference in the “feel’ between them? Maybe, but I’m not convinced I could tell.

    I’ve tested a fair number of papers via these Rhodia giveaways. What I’ve learned is all the paper is very high quality. Don’t doubt that.

    Paper size is a different matter. What is best depends upon what you need to do. Smaller pages are best for short reminder notes, to do lists, quick notes to friends.

    I say it’s best to purchase a size and format for a specific purchase and test for yourself.

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