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Diaries, Memoirs, and Journals of Working Women



Through Harvard University Library’s Open Collection Program, you can view and read digitized diaries, memoirs, autobiographies, and journals of Women Working from 1800-1930.

These journals offer a look into the daily life of 19th and 20th century women astronomers and doctors, preachers and missionaries, reformers and suffragists, school girls and school teachers, a philanthropist and a “country woman.”

For example, Delia Kingsley was a schoolteacher in western Massachusetts and her diary from the period of 1906–1910 describes her teaching, studies, romantic interests, travels, and daily concerns. She kept detailed accounts of her expenditures and recorded them in her diary as well.

Diary entries: January 3rd, 1907 Raining. Finished my sleeves. Washed a little. Card from Marion and Effie. R.D. came over and we stayed up tip 12:30. Geo not feeling well. 

May 10th. 1908 Went to church twice. Wrote two business letters and to the girls. 

Accounting entries: November 1st, 1907 Amount on hand $33.16 Check for 4 weeks teaching $50.00

November 16th: 
Room for overnight .50 
Dinner and breakfast at restaurant .40
Ride on elevated .10 
1 yard brown velveteen for hat .59
1 doz. post cards .12

You can read Delia’s diary and those of several dozen others at this link. 


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