Thursday, May 7th, 2015

April Contest Winners – Rhodia dotGrid Pocket Pads!



Winners from April’s giveaway of the Rhodia dotGrid Pocket Pads are as follows:

John Ang
Marty Wooten
Kenneth Meyers
Jay Thomas
Beth Treadway
Jenny Evans
Martin paul
Steven Allen
Jennifer Nadeau
Shangching Huitzacua
Mike Rodriguez
Colleen Gonzales
Anne Poole
Faith kolean
Robert Mendelson
Sally Mahmood
Renato Florian
Maurice Recchia
Gill Watson
Pam Dickhaus

Stay tuned for upcoming giveaways – May 11th is the next installment of The Paper Project and on May 27th, we will be giving away Rhodiaramas!

One thought on “April Contest Winners – Rhodia dotGrid Pocket Pads!

  1. Just received it Saturday. This little pad is excellent for it intended use: lists and quick notes of “Things To Do – Urgent” and I keep it very handy for anything that comes up.

    Slipping the cover underneath the top page to protect from indenting the rest of the pages is well-executed. It’s a good design.

    Thank You! I’ll be keeping one of these within reach from now on.

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