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The Paper Project: Feedback on Clairefontaine Rulings



Week 6 samples for the Paper Project included samples of 6×8″ Clairefontaine bright white, 90g paper in the following three rulings: Lined, Lined w/ Margin & Seyes (French Ruled)

Clairefontaine notebooks are available in a wide variety of sized and binding option. You can view the Clairefontaine products currently available in North America here.

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Aisazia says: I love the texture of the paper, buttery smooth. Perfect for writing or doodling. Had no problems with pencil, pen, or fountain pen ink. Fabulous paper! I mostly used this paper to write on but did a little doodling on it too.

I found out that I didn’t mind the French ruling as much as I thought I would since I’ve never used it before. I think I still prefer dot or blank but I could deal with French ruling in a pinch. :D

Andrew says: I’ll be honest, I have not tried the French ruled page yet. I plan on using it along with the Spencerian method to see the use of the ascenders and descenders. Having said that, the ruling (even for Seyes) seems tiny to me. Maybe this is the equivalent of college ruled in America? The other two Clairefontaine Classic pages were amazing as always. I am a big fan of perforated edges, so I’d have to lean towards that one.

bonnie jean woolger says: My favorite paper this week was the french rule. I could not resist using the grid to create a drawing. I have a blog post sharing week #6 samples

Jeff Dickerson says: Smooth surface, bright white. I use a fountain pen so no bleed no ink feathering is important. Both of these aspects are good. I like the heavier weight, 90g. Great paper.

Alan says: All three samples performed excellently with my fountain pens. I generally use the A5 size of notebooks so I like the size. And the microperforations are very useful for tearing out notes and saving them. Clairefontaine is just a wonderful paper for any kind of writing. 

Stephen says: Lined/White/Violet – Love the microperforations. This is a must for me. The ruling is a bit too wide for me, but it would work. Dry time was a little longer than I expected but was not terrible. Bleed through was minimal which is nice. I don’t draw/doodle/sketch, but I would definitely use it for note taking in meetings.

French Ruled – Not a fan of this. I don’t see the point/purpose of the ruling. The paper performed well with various fountain pens. The ruling is just not something I can use. Also – no microperforations.

Margins – Again, the paper performed well. I could definitely use this paper in meetings if it was perforated along the edge.

Heads up! In May, the Paper Project will be switching to a monthly format. Stay tuned for more details! 

4 thoughts on “The Paper Project: Feedback on Clairefontaine Rulings

  1. I have been using Clairefontaine paper, and notebooks for quite some time now and in the past have purchase notebooks in all three lined format Lined, Lined w/ Margin & Seyes (n & Seyes (French Ruled)} and for the most part now only buy Lined w/Margins or Seyes (French Ruled) notebooks depending on what I am going to use the notebook for. I primarily use the Lined w/Margins notebooks when taking notes or diagnosing a trouble and I use Seyes rule for when I practicing my penmanship. All I can say is nextime you are looking to purchase a notebook try buying a different style of notebook ruling be it Lined, Lined w/ Margin & Seyes (French Ruled) who know you just might like something different from what you have been using.

  2. I prefer Rhodia lined and lined with margin. I do not like dot or graph. I’ve yet to try French ruled.

  3. I have been using the 4 1/4 x 6 3/4 ruled notebooks for my bullet journal for over a year now and love them, but I’d love them even more in graph or even French ruled.

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