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Noteworthy: PenVangelist Jeff Keller


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When Jeff Keller went back to college at 35 to finish his degree, he found that he had problems with hand cramps. As soon as Jeff’s good friend and pastor offered the suggestion of writing with a fountain pen as a way relieve the pain, he bought one and immediately fell in love. When Jeff’s children wanted to use his pens, he got them one of their own.

Soon after, Jeff decided that if a young person showed interest in his fountain pens, he would get them a pen to promote both handwriting, (since it is no longer being taught in school) and also a love for the handwritten word.

Holding the belief that children are apt to take better care of things when they work for it, the only caveat was that he would not just give them the pen – they had to earn it by writing a 1.5-2 page original story with the final copy written in their best handwriting. Once accomplished, he gives them a pen. Jeff has also given pens to older adults who have forgotten the joy of writing with them.

Jeff believes that the constant push of technology has its downsides:

“Working with my kids, kids at school, and church, I have found they cannot read or write cursive, or write it well. Hopefully in my corner of this world I can make a tiny bit of difference. The nickname Pen Evangelist or PenVangelist was born out of my spreading the good news of the nibbage.”

Jeff said that once this semester is over, he plans on putting up a website up with reviews written by kids, to kids, on pens, inks, and fountain pen friendly paper.

Have you shared your love of fountain pens with your children? 

3 thoughts on “Noteworthy: PenVangelist Jeff Keller

  1. I have gotten my nephew into all kinds of pens/notebooks/stationery including fountain pens (he wants a MB Jonathan Swift – sorry sweetie but not possible!) but my niece doesn’t like fountain pens. She thinks they’re too fussy.

  2. What a wonderful way to spread the love of fountain pens! Keep up the great work Jeff. I can’t wait for the website with kid reviews. I know one child for sure who will be interested. :)

  3. Kudos to Jeff for returning to school to finish his own degree and also for picking up where schools leave off these days in promoting cursive writing and good penmanship. I’ve recently discovered the joy of fountain-pen writing, and am hopeful that it will prompt some journal writing, personal correspondence (delivered by the postal service), and other good things!

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