Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: What is your preferred notebook binding? 


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What notebook format do you prefer, and why? Are there any others that are not on this list? 

Side Hardbound


Top Hardbound 



Side Staplebound

Top (Head) Stapled

Disc Bound 

3 Ring Bound

Side Spiral

Top Spiral


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: What is your preferred notebook binding? 

  1. A shoutout for spiral binding. Often there isn’t a lot of space available to open up a book for note taking in meetings etc, so it is great to be able to fold it back on itself and know it will stay even when holding it in your hand. A pen can be clipped down inside the spiral binding and it won’t fall out or take up any more space and be knocked off in a bag.

  2. I like reporter style notebooks, with no perforated pages. Being a lefty is an issue, and top binging is great for that, but when you carry them around, perforated pages start to fail and fall out. Hint Hint Rhodia… I love your product, but cut us southpaws a little slack.

  3. Everything except spiral. They simply don’t stack or travel well. First poster mentions something I’d love more of…clean tear out paper.

  4. For me I prefer either spiral or hardcover. But now that I think of it, I prefer hardcover. With spiral, the paper can tear off easily (when I don’t want it to) or the spiral wire gets twisted all wrong and starts to hook on to things in my bag. Hardcover notebooks/sketchbooks for me are a bit more durable and the paper is much more protected inside. (:

  5. I like soft bound note books – and what I really like in a notebook, but rarely found, is when you can tear a page out and it doesn’t impact any other pages – assumed they’re individually glued.

  6. Top Stapled Rhodia for me, mainly due to a very good price with great paper. I don’t do side spirals b/c they don’t agree with lefties (I do have a nicer sprial if needed for work back from when I was finding what paper I liked); my writing isn’t terribly important (well to anyone but me) so a hardcover/nicer presentation isn’t needed. But I have been meaning to try the side staplebound because I think with less pages it will be even more writing friendly with less of a “drop off”.

  7. When I saw the title of the post, I said to myself “Easy ! I just HATE spiral”, then I saw the list of binding available… and began to click on (almost) all links ;)
    The disc bound, even if I think it is very similar to spiral, looks cool.

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