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Does Size Matter? Feedback on Various Sizes of Rhodia Pads


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Samples from Week 5 of the Paper Project included 1 sheet each of 80g white Rhodia line ruled paper from 4 different sizes of Rhodia notepads. We wanted to see if people would prefer one over another or maybe discover a new favorite. You can see all of the sizes available of or classic pads here. We also have a chart listing size and available ruling options here.

The sampled notepads from Week 5 included:

  • No. 8, (3 x 8 ¼”) 
  • No. 10 (2 x 3″)
  • No.16 (6 x 8 ¼ “) 
  • No. 19 (8 ¼ x 12 ½ “) 

Beth Treadway said: “Numbers 19 and 16 are best for my use – writing. Lots and lots of writing. More on those in a second.

#8 is probably best for people who need to make lists – lots of short items. The shape simply did not work for me other than possibly a bookmark where I would want to keep notes in a borrowed book where I could not write on the page.

#10, which is the 2×3, is much like a fountain pen friendly post it only without the glue. Strangely, it seems a more useful size than the #8, as it’s a good size for a single idea on a bedside table notebook. There’s even smaller, but that ceases to be functional with my handwriting.

So back to the 8×12 size. I suspect this will become my note-taking size when I’m not using Webbies or Habanas. Perfect for those times when I need to tuck handouts between the pages, take copious notes at speed on one side of a page and be able to flip the page up one handed so I don’t lose time turning pages and trying to drag the notebook back to write on the backside of a page.

Perfect for my writer’s mind is the 6×8. This seems to be the size that does not intimidate my brain with empty-page brain freeze, yet provides sufficient space to write. I seem to come back to this size over and over again for creative projects.

The lines weren’t distracting, the paper held up to even a 3B Pelikan splashing down the wettest of inks and I don’t fixate on drying time like some. Best of all, the paper was easy on the eyes for transcription and fitted neatly on one of those old fashioned clip stands many of us place next to our computers when it comes time to turn our notes into brilliance on the page.”

Jessica Said:

“– No.8 (3 x 8.25) : Haven’t used it yet, but I’ve seen people using a grid version of No. 8 in landscape for writing down quotes, which I think is a nice hack and wanted to try at some time. I also like that it has the same length with No.16 (A5) and thus can be kept together organized. With the line ruling its usage seems limited — maybe it would be best for lists?

– No.10 (2 x 3): This one is really tiny! I personally think this size is not very useful. Especially when using it from a pad, I may not find a comfortable position to rest my palm. For quick notes, I’m much more likely to turn to post-it.

– No.16 (6 x 8.25): I like No.16 (A5) the best among the four samples, and in general. Most of my notebooks are in A5. This is a versatile size that accommodates a reasonable amount of contents, yet is handy and portable. I’m not a big fan of the vertical margin, though. I used this sheet to jot down some of my shopping list, where the margin was neat. But for many other uses like taking notes or writing memos, I could see myself restricted by the margins (and ended up losing writing space).

– No.19 (8.25 x 12.5): It feels too large. The sheet barely fit on my clip pad holder so it felt okay when writing. I used it to keep record of the card game my friends and I played during the Thanksgiving break. But I couldn’t imagine how this huge sheet could be used in everyday scenarios. Maybe it would be good for sketching diagrams?

So these are my two cents. My ranking for the four sizes would probably be No.16 > No.8 >> No.19 >> No.10, with the fine print that I’d prefer grid rulings for No.8. Or even better, is there going to be a dot grid for No.8?”

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  1. Regarding No. 19: No. 18 is a little more practical for Americans. At 8.25 by nearly 11 when torn off the pad, its sheets fit most American notebooks and folders.

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