Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: Folios wanted for Meeting Books – or other Rhodia Products?


Leather Artisan Notebook by JUL Designs
Leather Artisan Notebook by JUL Designs

“I can’t seem to find a nice looking, much less an elegant solution, for my Rhodia Meeting Book. When I take my Meeting Book to a meeting, I want it to be encased in a nice folio where I can also put a pen, business cards, and other useful items.  All of the folios in the market are for top-loading ugly ruled pads not for side-loading a good looking Meeting Book!  PLEASE HELP” – J in Pheonix, AZ. 

Dear J,

While we know of a few companies that make leather goods for Rhodia products, you might want to look over their websites and reach out to them for your specific needs, as we know than many of them are willing to make custom pieces per a customer’s individual needs and have a list of these vendors which can be viewed here.

From personal experience, I know that Steve Derricott of Gfeller Casemakers is known for excellent craftsmanship and is open to doing custom work. A company that doesn’t specifically make covers for Rhodia but that I know will do custom work is Renaissance Art.

Does anyone out there know of any vegan (non-leather) custom folio options?

PS: Stay tuned for an upcoming special giveaway of leather covers from JUL Designs! 


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: Folios wanted for Meeting Books – or other Rhodia Products?

  1. I would recommend going on the website etsy.com there are plenty of leather craftsmen who can make a personalized size portfolio.

  2. I agree. I’ve been looking for a folio for business meetings and they’re all designed for a top loading (usually-not-so-nice) paper tablet.

    Now that I’ve been spoiled by paper quality :) I just can’t go back.

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