Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: What would you do with 20 Rhodia Notebooks?



Let’s explore this idea.

Imagine that you could have 20 of any single Rhodia paper product.

Which product do you pick?

What would you do with them?

Would you use them 20 different ways?

How many different ways of using them do you think you could come up with?

What if you could not keep them for yourself, and had to give them away all at once?

Who would you give them to?

You are encouraged to think outside the box.

Feel free to poke around the RhodiaPads.com website to see which product would be your top pick.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: What would you do with 20 Rhodia Notebooks?

  1. If I got 20 Rhodia notebooks, I’d want the A5, and I’d give them ALL to the North Chicago Community Partners, an organization that works in the low income town we live in. Sure I’d like some A5’s myself, but I don’t need them, not by a long shot. Not like these kids. The kids that NCCP works with are in one of the lowest rated school districts in the state of Illinois and most don’t have supplies for school. NCCP offers additional counseling and tutoring and they’d be able to put these supplies to great use!

    These kids don’t often get things that are new or that are the best. They often get the hand-me-downs and left overs from other schools and districts. These kids deserve something that is top of the line and if I got those notebooks, that’s what I’d do with them!

  2. My selection would be the spiral pad A5 black Rhodia in graph format. If I were blessed to receive 20 of the notebooks, I would in turn give the products to the young musicians that are participating in a string instructional program at our local Boys and Girls Club. The notebooks would help the students keep track of their thoughts during their lessons and provide a medium for the notes they need to study between lessons. For these students, this program provides an opportunity not otherwise available in their local school.

  3. I was thinking dot pad in 5x8ish until I saw the post about landscape Webbie. Would have to go with the latter (since I haven’t tried it and love landscape anything).
    I would use them for sketching, writing letters, writing a journal for my son to remember me by, doing a round robin art journal with the ladies in my art group, keep an ideas book, book of quotes, garden journal to sketch layouts, dream journal, swatch book for fountain pen ink, swatch book for art supplies, list book for art supplies and pens, and doing a design book for patterns I’m partial to. So probably could come up with 20 ways to use them, though would probably want to have a couple for sketching and use a few as gifts.
    If I had to give them all away, I would give one to all of my artsy friends/penpals and the rest would go to some of the kids I work with who show a love of drawing and who would cherish the journal. I hand out inexpensive journals to any of the kids I work with who are into art or who are willing to journal and then give a nicer one to kids who graduate along with a pen. So it would be awesome to give something so nice to them. I think I’d also like to leave a few as RAK in strategic places. Fun to contemplate!
    That was fun! Thanks for the interesting questions.

  4. 20 WebNoteBooks–all dot grid, all A5…then I would go all radical by choosing half Orange, half black!

    If I had to give them away I would be tempted to share them with my workmates…especially the fellow who first showed me his….but I would lie and tell them I won 2 and then secretly keep the rest hidden away from their prying eyes as my secret stash.

    My webbie is a daily personal companion and simply is the best of all worlds for a catch all notebook. Sketches, notes, lists, a bit of buckled page watercolor just about any and everything makes it into my book.

    My secret stash of 18 would be enshrouded in Gfeller leather as each of its predecessors was filled…artfully marred up a bit so my workmates would not guess I had a hidden–nearly endless stash that were actually supposed to be in their grubby hands.

  5. No, no. This is all wrong. You don’t decide what the notebooks will do.

    They’ll tell YOU. All you have to do is let them. They’ll usually suggest a great purpose.

  6. Which product do you pick? Definitely the DotPad No. 16. Dot-grid style pages are the only page style for me ever since I discovered them. Lines are too constraining to me, but graph style is just too busy. The A5 size is a great size too. A4 is too big to carry easily, and while A6 works well for scratching notes through the day, A5 is that great in between point with portability but still allowing for space to take decent notes.

    What to do with them would be harder. I would, of course, set some aside for when the first ones run out. There are a few great uses I can think of for them though:
    * Keep one next to my nightstand to jot down ideas or thoughts while in bed (dreams, ideas, etc.)
    * Use one for a “Daily Page” type journal to clear my head each morning
    * Sketchbook!
    * Definitely use one for electronics project notes: schematics, code, block diagrams; the micro-perf paper is great for removing/scanning pages
    * Meeting notes at work
    * Car maintenance log
    * One to carry around with me at all times as a catch-all notepad
    * Use five for a daily log to keep track of things both large and small that happen each day
    * Use one for shopping lists
    * Keep two for replacements
    * Give five away!

    What if I could not keep them? That would be just as much fun! Here’s a few things I think I’d do if I could have that many to give away:
    * Give some to family and friends! I know quite a few people who are left-handed, so the flip-up style would be great for them. Plus the high-quality paper means that they could use good pens and not have to worry about smearing.
    * Give some out at the office. People need to know what it’s like to use a really good notepad.
    * Have a giveaway on /r/notebooks on Reddit
    * Give some to strangers I see using low-quality notebooks

  7. No 38 dot pads 16.5×12.5 would be my choice. Incredibly versatile for writers. Plotting, mind-mapping characters, doing beat sheets, sketching cover designs, working out web site pages…I’d have one running for each manuscript, one for my website, use one to work out time lines, others for research. The ability to orient in multiple directions, the larger pages and the perfection of the surface for soft lead pencils in addition to fountain pens means I can even run diagonal orientation to connect ideas.

    The dots let me sketch out imaginary locales when imagining places in my scene settings. The paper holds up to glueing clippings from magazines with glue sticks while jotting notes. Yet the sheer portability of such an expansive work surface is wonderful. I can clip them to an artist’s sketch board, lay flat on a desk, write on my knee or lap desk, even wrap an oversize rubber band around and roll the thing. Plus the pages tear out neatly and fold over to fit in legal-sized accordion folders I use to collect my storyboards for each project.

    If I couldn’t keep all 20, I would share with First Coast Romance Writers, my chapter, to show my fellow writers the versatility of these notebooks. The sheer expanse of paper and the dots encourage non-traditional thinking without the lost in the wilderness effect of blank paper.

    Second choice would be the lined No 18s 8×11 with the pre-punched notebook holes. But they don’t insp the flights of fancy & inspiration the no 38s do.

  8. I would be torn between the small webnotepads (dot grid) and the new–and excitin–Landscape Webnotebooks (blank). The Small webnotepads with dot grid paper are so versatile. I use them for notes, making lists, drawing, anything. The smaller size is perfect for me–I have small hands and it’s just the right size–but the it’s the quality of the paper and the usefulness of the dot grid pattern that makes this pad so indispensable to me. That said, I’ve been focusing more on sketching and developing my drawing skills. I would love to have a stack of blank landscape webnotebooks waiting to be filled.
    If I had to give the pads all away at once, that would be an easy task. I already have given webnotepads and notebooks to my nieces, nephew, and friends as gifts. I also have given webnotebooks as going away gifts to co-workers who have left for new adventures. While some may be daunted by an empty notepad or sketch book because they may not know how to best use it, for me each one represents unlimited possibility in tangible form.

  9. Hmmm…..I think I would choose the Rhodia 16 blank pad, and I would use washi tape and stamps to decorate the pages for letter writing. My fountain pens love that paper! I would decorate several of them as gifts for my pen pals, too.

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