Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Tuesday Talk Back: White or Ivory Paper?


Have you tried Rhodia’s 90g ivory paper and the 80g white paper?  Which do you prefer?

Is there a “smoothness” in writing that is different from one to the other?

Is an ivory surface or a white surface more conducive to writing?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: White or Ivory Paper?

  1. White is simply easier on the eyes in dimly lit conference rooms, transportation or offices. I prefer heavier 90 for my big nibbed fountain pens, but default to lighter white and write on one side just to avoid eye strain. The slicker/ smoother paper is my preference over textured as I don’t need nibs catching, especially italics or stubs. But color rules for me and that color is white. Ivory hasn’t go enough contrast to avoid eye strain in low light venues.

  2. For me, it depends on the ink that I’m using and the purpose of my writing. Horses for courses.

  3. Rhodia Dotpad 80 gsm white is my favorite constant-use paper. The thickness is just right. The surface is smooth, bright, shows no feathering, bleed-through or ghosting and lets my pens and inks show their very best qualities. The dot grid is a perfectly subtle guide without constraining my pen strokes or my imagination.

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