Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Rhodia coloR stapled pads



Rhodia makes the premium “R by Rhodia” pads with color covers.  Colors include chocolat, taupe, anis (light green), turquoise, saphir (sapphire blue), violet, lilas, framboise (raspberry) and coquelicot (poppy).

We are considering bringing them to the U.S. for the national stationery show in May.  If there is sufficient interest, we can begin to import them.

The pads come in three sizes:  No. 12, No. 16 and No. 18.  See size chart here.  The paper is 90g, ivory and ruled only.  70 sheets.  I don’t know the prices, but I would guess it is comparable to the R by Rhodia in the same sizes ($3.50; $7 & $13).

Any interest?  If so, what colors and sizes would you like us to import?  All?


17 thoughts on “Rhodia coloR stapled pads

  1. I love the R pads and use them exclusively. Writing on them with a fountain pen feels so good.

    Please bring all the bright colors to the USA. I could live without chocolat or taupe.

    For size the A4 #18 would be the one for me.

  2. Yes, please. I may be the odd man out but I like a B5 size but sadly It seems that Rhodia in the US is only A sizes. So A5 and A4, please. I’d love to see blank, Dot or both.

  3. Please bring all colors! I prefer the A4 and A5 sizes :) but the smaller sizes work great for grocery lists, to do lists etc

  4. I would love to see these in the US. Rhodia is so much better than Moleskine, and I would love the opportunity to add a bit more color to my writing pads as well as the ink I put on them.

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