Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Rhodia Weekly Planners



We are sold out of the orange cover Rhodia Weekly Planner (or Webplanner) in pocket and large.  It is still available in black.

A number of people wrote to complain about the missing inside back pocket.  The reason it was removed is that continuing to include it would have added an additional $4 to the price of each book.  Presently, the suggested list price for pocket versions is $18; the large or desk size is $26.  If we kept the inside pocket, the prices would have been $22 and $30 respectively.

Question:  would you pay the extra $4 for the inside pocket?

6 thoughts on “Rhodia Weekly Planners

  1. I really liked the pocket in the back of the planner but understand the omission. The appeal of your products is the fact that they are manufactured in the US/France (not some 3rd world place with sub-poverty wages). As long as you continue to make your products in the first world you have a dedicated customer.

    I too would be interested in a high quality cover that featured a pocket.

  2. 4$… nice to know. Back pocket is a nice to have, but not a deal breaker for me. This said, I have always questioned these temperature charts, when the info is available on the net, as well as the phone book when we (probably) all use our cell phone for that. But this is another story :)
    I love my orange planner !!

  3. David is onto something. I need a way to stow appointment cards, but the budget won’t run to higher priced calendars. What about doing some kind of wrap that combines the pen holding of a Quiver with pockets to hold cards & papers on the front & back covers so the book will lie flat & open flat w/o a pen on the spine? Make them in pretty leather colors to cover the garish/boring covers.

    I suspect a lot of us would shell out for something we’re not tossing out.

    You’re welcome! (& I want a lifetime supply for David & me if you make it) 😜

  4. Lack of pocket would not have been a deal breaker for me. Likewise I could have added my own ribbon though I do prefer one. I was unable to find the Rhodia Weekly last year – 2013 – and substituted with an unsatisfactory Staples Blue-something planner. I started to hunt for the weekly early this year – 2014 – scouting the typical fountain pen related sites, and brick and mortar Paradise Pen, which told me they would arrive in December. On my third trip into P-Pen recently I was told they were not coming in, and revising their earlier misleading statement to: had not been expecting Rhodia Weekly at all = Three trips for nothing. They were going through a recent Rhodia delivery during my inquiry. It was very disappointing since Rhodia Weekly Is my preferred planner with a good Weekly-Monthly format and fountain pen ink friendly. After much time investment, and travel, I wasn’t leaving that Mall without a planner, and found a similar weekly-monthly layout in a Papyrus, at less cost, elsewhere. As 2016 approaches I will again look for Rhodia Weekly, though I could buy Papyrus if the quality remains the same. I would politely ask that next year Rhodia might plan to give its loyal users advanced notice of Where it will be available. Thank you.

  5. David, costs for different products are not the same across the board…how much paper does a Webbie have vs. planner?–quite a bit more. We can include a pocket for cheap if we make it in a country that pays workers very little; or just source the paper from wherever and however. The Rhodia products are made in the US and France where costs (wages, environmental safeguards,etc.) are high. However, the elegant, optional, attachable pocket accessory may be an option worth investigating. Thank you.

  6. So even the webbies cost $18-20 instead of $14-16 because of the POCKET? Interesting. Revelaing. Sad. I say, figure out a way to build the pocket for $2 or offer an elegant, optional, attachable pocket accessory for $8.

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