Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Tuesday Talk Back: Who Are You?


Stephanie Smith

The subject of today’s Talk Back post is: Who are you, and what do you do? 

I am Stephanie Smith, and I am your Rhodia Driver. When people ask what I do, I often struggle to put it into a single word or phrase. The simplest answer would be, “I’m creative.” But that tends to not make sense to a lot of people.  A slightly longer answer would be something along the lines of, “I’m a writer. I’m also an artist, and I develop and offer creativity workshops designed to inspire, empower, and support people along their path.” Rhodia Drive and I found each other because of my intense love for tools that feed my creativity.

I believe creativity flows easier when working with tools you love.

I’ve been using Rhodia 8+ years and one of my current favorite products is the No. 16 top stapled pad in blank or dot. Cover color doesn’t matter. How do I use these? Typically to scrawl ideas for new projects and I’ve gone through a ton.

I also use the No. 18 (blank) the Classic Meeting Books, R pads… As long as it’s blank or dot, it’s high on my list. I am patiently waiting for spiral bound dot pads….

Now that I’ve had a moment to share, will you tell us a bit about yourself? Who are you, what do you do, and which is your favorite Rhodia product?

One thought on “Tuesday Talk Back: Who Are You?

  1. A science, engineering and technology person, a fountain pen fancier and a note and list scribbler, I’m permanently sold on Rhodia Dotpads as my constant-use paper.

    I would dearly love a Webnotebook-style product that contained the Dotpad white 80 gsm stock. The Dotpad is nearly perfect for me and my fountain pen and ink assortment in every way: size range, sheet color, surface feel, sheet thickness and subtlety of writing guidance. All it needs is a hard cover.

    A true hard-cover, permanently-bound Dotpad would win even more of my business. Thanks for writing and for reading.

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