Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Tuesday Talk Back: Do you fear the blank page?


Rhodia Blank Page

We have upon occasion, acknowledged the fear that some people have about starting a new journal. but this time round, I’m being literal when I mention the blank page. Blank, as in no ruling. No graph, no lines, no dots. Nothing to keep the words from moving from small to large or from falling off the page altogether.

If this is your fear, you may be suffering from Lackaruleophobia.

Okay, sure, I made that up. But knowing that many (most?) people prefer to write on ruled paper, it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that such a phobia could exist. Funding is likely on it’s way RIGHT NOW to conduct studies and write complicated research papers about it. (Using ruled paper???)

Perhaps our preferences for ruling goes back to the days of elementary school yellow lined tablets; you remember the ones, they still had flecks of wood pulp embedded in the surface and 25mm ruling for handwriting practice using a dull No. 2 pencil.

My overall preference is for blank paper because I feel like anything else is too restricting – except for dot ruling. The dots are unobtrusive enough, but when offered a choice, I’m picking blank.

Will you share with us your experiences with blank paper? Like it, love it, hate it?

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: Do you fear the blank page?

  1. Yes, I fear it! Sizing, alignment, neatness – everything about my writing becomes wonky as soon as I step into the world of blank pages. Hence why the closest type of paper I’ll ever use to it is the dot graph page.

  2. My script tends to wander uphill and meander in size. No problem filling the pages, the problem lies in deciphering later.

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