Thursday, November 13th, 2014

The Art of Journaling: With Kids – PLUS – FP Day Contest Winners!


Image courtesy of dominiemahl on Instagram
Image courtesy of dominiemahl on Instagram

Oftentimes, children don’t have an outlet where they are safely able to communicate their feelings. Journal writing can be a very positive experience for children – especially when their efforts are encouraged and supported in a way that allows them to write without feeling like they will “get in trouble” for what they have to say.

In an article by Colorín Colorado, Helping Young Children Develop Strong Writing Skills the author suggests that the practical skill of writing is of value to children as an important form of communication, as well as being an essential element of a student’s education. The article also suggests a number of ways how you can help your child become a stronger writer.

Journaling For Kids at Home Schooling Ideas

“Journaling for kids is a wonderful way to open up new horizons. A journal can be a friend, a confidant and a mentor.”

The Benefits of Journaling for Kids at About Parenting

“For children who have a hard time expressing their needs verbally or making decisions about things, keeping a journal of their thoughts is a great way to help learn emotional organization.

Art Journal with Kids at Creative with Kids

10 Easy Steps to Introduce Journal Writing: Preschool – Third Grade at Waddlee-ah-chaa

Find a variety of posts about Journal Writing Prompts for children at Journal Buddies

Did you enter our Fountain Pen Day Contest? See if you are a winner by checking the list below.

M. David
Mark W
Jeff from Vancouver
Lynn Bustle
Kris W.
Cari R.
Pat Hannon
John Ang
Mark Masterson
Steven Dennis

4 thoughts on “The Art of Journaling: With Kids – PLUS – FP Day Contest Winners!

  1. Awesome! I completely forgot about this and then got a little pre-Thanksgiving Christmas present in the mail today! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Indeed I am. Thanks for responding, I should have put a more unique name in there. Live and learn.

  3. This list is the contest winner notification. (Hence the “Name you want listed on the blog if you win” question on the form. If you are in AR your chances are continuing to increase.

  4. Well, “Drew” is in the list, that improves my odds… if I were a winner should I expect an email?

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