Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Tuesday Talk Back: What is your preferred ruling width?


R Ruling

Over the years, we’ve received a number of requests for ruling in a wide range of widths, (anywhere from 4mm, to 9mm) and I’m guessing that a preference for a specific size of ruling is primarily related to the size of one’s handwriting.

While I prefer blank paper, (so I can write as big or as small as I want) I have no problems working with 7-8mm lined ruling. 9mm makes me feel like I’m back in grade school, and 4mm makes my eyes go buggy because all I see are lines.

Do you have a preference for a particular line width? Do you need this width for reasons other than the size of your handwriting?

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: What is your preferred ruling width?

  1. I write small, and my to do lists are always long so 5mm line width is perfect… an when Im journaling, I can fit a lot more on each page. The smaller I write, the neater I am… PLEASE tell me you have 5mm notebooks, I’ve been searching everywhere to replace the BREPOLS notebook I have (love it, but would like more size options).

  2. I find my writing changes based on the line spacing (and my writing instrument), I prefer small/narrow grid or line. I also agree with Iris et al that the colour of the line (or dot or grid) is very important too, as is the weight of the line! I don’t like pure black or very dark lines and like them as thin as possible.

  3. As one of those small-writinged people, 5mm grid or dot-grid all the way! Though like others, I prefer the lines not to be too dark. Then again, I also use small notebooks (“pocket size” to A6 is my preferred size), and wider ruling in those is a little silly…

  4. For a pocket notebook I prefer 5 mm so I can cram a lot of short notes on a page. In an A5 or larger journal where I am writing more than a page at a time, I prefer 7 or 8 mm. I like graph or dot for a pocket notebook.

  5. College ruled is my favorite but I’m with Iris about line darkness being a major factor. Too dark is far worse than too narrow or wide.

  6. I rather agree with you on the line spacing, but rather than the spacing issue, I’d rather consider the color of the lines. I find that if the lines are too dark, they are a distraction, never mind the spacing. If you’re just using the page for making lists, it is less of an issue than if you’re doing journaling, where you are writing edge-to-edge and on each line.

    I actually like gridded paper, but again, I don’t want in-your-face dark lines. I’m finding that I now prefer dot-grid, or the form where instead of dots they are actually little plus signs.

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