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The Paper Project Week 4: Your Chance to Sample 2 Different Pastel Graph Products


Clairefontaine Pastel

The Paper Project is our way to offer a variety of Exaclair paper samples to 50 people each week. Every Monday, we will be offering paper samples from 1-4 products to 50 people on a first come, first served basis. (There is no limit to how many weeks you can participate!) Samples will be mailed once we reach 50 participants with recipients being notified via e-mail.


Week 4 samples include:

  • 1 sheet of the 8×11″ Clairefontaine Pastel Graph paper
  • 1 3×5″ Exacompta Pastel Index Card 

If you have been chosen to receive samples in any given week, please come back and leave comments on the corresponding week’s page. We also welcome you to blog or share to your favorite social media sites about your experiences.

Tag #rhodiapaperproject on Instagram and Pinterest. If you’d like us to see your Paper Project blog posts, post your links in the comment section on corresponding week’s page OR to our Rhodia Drive Facebook page.

What kind of comments are we looking for?

  • Tell us what you like/don’t like about the paper.
  • How do you like using pencil/pen/fountain pen on it.
  • Would you use it to write/draw/doodle/sketch etc.?
  • …and anything else you think we should know.

Need a few recent reviews for inspiration?

Rhodia Paper Project Week 1 at Nerd Uprising

re: Rhodia Ice “I love that the grey graph is dark enough to guide my lines but not so pronounced as to distract from the words themselves.”

Week #1 sampling group for The Paper Project at bjw-draw

“maybe the best paper I have ever used for ink drawings. It accepts all the types of ink I depend on in my work.”

You can also check out the reviews that people are posting in the comment section of the Week 1 Week 2 and Week 3 posts. 

If you are viewing this post via e-mail or on a mobile device, you may need to visit Rhodia Drive directly to see the entry form. (Entries must be received through the form – please do not post your name and address in the comment section of this post  to receive samples. Thank you!) 


13 thoughts on “The Paper Project Week 4: Your Chance to Sample 2 Different Pastel Graph Products

  1. I am a long time Rhodia/CF user and these papers performed pretty much exactly as I expected. I used a variety of pens and inks on them. Aurora Black, J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir, Sailor Sky High, Pilot Iroshizuku Asa-gao, Diamine Midnight, and Waterman Florida Blue. (Pens were Lamy 2000, Parker 51, Twsbi 580, Platinum Standard, Parker Vacumatic, vintage Sheaffer and Waterman pens)

    I saw no ghosting or bleed and no feathering at all even with more runny inks like Diamine and Herbin. The Sailor and Aurora took a long time to dry as you would expect on such ink resistant paper and will likely be an issue for southpaws. I tortured this paper with my super wet pens including my broad stubs which just put out rivers of ink. My parker vac is like a butter knife and the feed has been altered to put out more ink and my Waterman is an equally insane firehose of inky goodness. These are pens you do NOT put in your pocket unless you also happen to own a shirt factory. These papers took the abuse and the opposite side of the paper was still perfectly usable. Nice!

    The paper is tough so if you have a flex pen you can go to town on it and not worry about ruining the paper and the smooth glassy surface will please some. I personally love the performance of the Rhodia papers but somewhat dislike the surface which I find to be too smooth and somewhat chalky. I prefer a little tooth to my page but it is hard to argue with the performance. With a broad wet nib this paper is fantastic.

    I had a go at pencil and It was wonderfully smooth.

    The downsides: Again, as a matter of taste I like a bit more tooth but the only other thing I could say is that I would like it if the colors were a bit more muted and I half found myself wishing that the cards were grid on one side only. I liked the stiffness of the cards (205g) and I liked the muted grid printing. I found the yellow a bit bright. Personally I dislike pastel colors but would love these in ivory or even parchment brown.

    It’s good paper. I am not sure I would buy the paper but I would be interested in the cards. Especially if they were larger. They would be great for lecture notes.

  2. Thanks for the samples!

    Fantastic paper. This is my first time using these types of paper. I’ve used typical Clairefontaine and Rhodia but I haven’t had a chance to use these colored types. But fear not! These types of paper are also high quality paper! No bleed through on my end or feathering.

    I like the tabbed colored paper but I don’t imagine myself using it as much as I would like. I would prefer white paper with maybe a colored tab to make it easier to sort through instead. I think the color is a little too saturated for me which can be distracting but it’s a lovely color.

    I loved the index cards. Very nice paper and I could imagine myself using these for notes or studying. While the 3×5 size is nice, I think I would prefer a 4×6 or larger just for myself.

    Both papers write smooth but I feel like it’s just slightly more textured than their typical paper counterparts but still excellent with pen, fountain pen ink, and pencil.

  3. Thanks for the samples – they’re great!

    I tried them with several different fountain pens and inks – including modern and vintage gold and steel flex nibs. All performed very well.

    The cards would be good to carry for quick note taking and such, but it would be nice if they were also available in white or cream as well as pastels. The notebook paper would be good for any conceivable use without having to worry about what pen you use.

    I would not hesitate to recommend these products.


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