Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Tuesday Talk Back: Ink Colors on Ivory Paper – Yay or Nay?


Ivory Rhodia Paper

I’ve always been a big fan of the way ink colors look on off-white or ivory paper and I’m glad to know that some of the folks from week 1 of The Paper Project discovered that they liked it as well.

“…first time trying ivory paper and I liked it a lot! I noticed that it really brought out some of the fountain pen ink colors”

“I agree…that the ivory paper of the Rhodia 80th really made the colors of the inks (gels and ballpoints) pop.”

“I was surprised with how the colors I like to use (relatively muted greens and greys) actually looked nice on the Rhodia 80th Anniversary ivory/grey/graph paper.”

“…although I prefer a lighter ivory paper, warm-toned inks look great on this one!”

“I really love Ivory paper, my absolute favourite in the lot. It enhances fountain pen ink colors.”

What do you think about using colored inks on ivory paper? Does it enhance the way the ink looks, or do you find it distracting? When choosing inks, do you think about how they will look on a warmer toned paper?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: Ink Colors on Ivory Paper – Yay or Nay?

  1. I prefer white for note taking, but I do like ivory for correspondence, with the right inks.

  2. I really liked the Rhodia 80th Anniversary sample you sent out in the Week 1 samples. If I weren’t currently unemployed, I would get one. The ivory paper is much easier on my eyes under fluorescent lighting at work. I also agree that it just has a warmer feel.

  3. So far anyway, I prefer the look of all of my inks on Rhodia 80 gsm white paper as in the Dotpads. The contrast is consistently beautiful with my generally dark (blue, black, gray, green, red) inks. The 90 gsm ivory paper as in Webbies is very smoothe but the ink contrast is reduced. Maybe I just need more and different inks!

  4. I have just recently tried Webnotebooks and I actually find the ivory color a little bit distracting. At this point I still prefer the normal Rhodia white — it’s a neutral background for any of the inks I like.

  5. Ivory/yellow makes my eyes tired. I already use large nib pens, so I get true color from my ink if it isn’t grabbed down by dingy paper colors. I much prefer the color on the white papers and it’s easier on my eyes.

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