Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Noteworthy: Software developer Simon Spanchak on using Rhodia


Pic courtesy of Eugene_G on Instagram
Pic courtesy of Eugene_G on Instagram

Today’s Noteworthy post is from software developer and designer Simon Spanchak of Expans Systems Inc. in Perth, Ontario. I caught up with Simon just as he was, I quote, “Rhodia-ing right now.  3″x4″ for my shopping list.”

I like the Web notebook (5.5″X8.25″) with dot grid for my software development log book. Log books are really important to software designers. Every question, thought or logic idea goes in there. The advantage to me is that they take liquid fountain pen inks well, and I use a number of colours simultaneously to signify different parts of my designs. There will be no photos though, because just about every note or diagram is a business secret of someone.

I used to use Timeline books, as log books, but they feather and bleed. I started to use Rhodia for development log books after joining FPN about 4 years ago where I read about them.

For work I use modern, mostly Chinese pens. My notes and diagrams are best done with no fuss, and character is not an issue. I use a number of Regal pens, as well as Hero and some Esterbrooks. For ink I need bold colours, and as I have spilled coffee on my notebooks before, I favour water resistance. As a consequence my work inks tend to be Noodlers. As inks like BSB (Baystate Blue) and BSCG (Baystate Concord Grape) do not play well with others, I have set aside a pen for each colour. My everyday pen which is always with me is a beautiful blue Esterbrook SJ, which is always filled with Gamma Violet (from Russia). I occasionally use a Parker 51 Vac, but it gets filled with Watermans Royal Blue, so I only use it for temporary notes.

PS: Did you know there was a Fountain Pen Network group hosted by Richard Binder on LinkedIn?


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