Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Tuesday Talk Back: Time it takes for ink to dry on the page – Important to you?


Herbin Ink in Clairefontaine

Clairefontaine and Rhodia papers are often cherished by fountain pen users because their water based inks typically do not bleed through or feather on our papers. How does this work? Clairefontaine manufactures the papers in a such a way that it resists more ink rather than it absorbs. (Want to learn more about paper manufacturing processes? Check out Clairefontaine’s Paper Vocabulary here.)

HERBIN Blotter paperDownsides to this process? For some, depending on the size of the nib, type of ink used, and or relative humidity, ink might take longer to dry on the page. (This is why blotting paper was invented. J. Herbin makes blotting paper)

Is the length of time it takes for ink to dry on the page important to you? Have you ever switched to a different paper because of it? Do you use blotter paper?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: Time it takes for ink to dry on the page – Important to you?

  1. I love Clairfontaine and Rhodia; the paper’s always a joy.

    Yes, sometimes the ink smudges. My favorite pens are two Watermans with medium nibs, so they write wet.

    Sometimes I create cluster diagrams and rest the heel of my hand on an area on which I’ve just drawn. Not a problem; I switch to a gel pen.

    Re blotting paper. I tried to order it once, because the shop was out of stock. I never did get it. In the meantime, I use a paper towel; it does the job. :-)

  2. In my case, I don’t use extremely wet inks when writing notes – which is usually what I use Clairefontaine and Rhodia paper for – so I don’t care too much about the time it takes for ink to dry on the page. I know others would say the opposite though.

  3. That is the one thing that annoys me about Clairefontaine paper… the length of time that it takes for ink to dry! The paper is beautiful and I love it, but inks take too long to dry. it only really bothers me about 50% of the time. I have had this issue (not as much) with Rhodia as well, especially when taking notes.

  4. Yes! I write with huge, wet nibs. It makes the difference whether I write on both sides of the page, just one, or know I can’t flip the page without blurring or smudging what I wrote into illegibility. Very important if I need to transcribe it later!

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