Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Tuesday Talk Back: The Benefits of a Consistent Source of Paper Manufacturing



The Clairefontaine company in France is now managed by sixth generation family members and is currently the only European manufacturer making its own paper for its own products. This guarantees consistent quality and better control over the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

If you will, please tell us which of these things  is most important to you as a consumer:

  • Clairefontaine paper is made from pulp and wood by-products from forests independently certified by PEFC or FSC as sustainably managed.
  • Clairefontaine has reduced its water consumption through an advanced recycling method. The water is returned to the River Meurthe cleaner than when it arrived at the mill. The water is so clean when it is returned to the river people can swim, boat and fish downstream within sight of the mill.
  • Our paper is chlorine-free. A gift of nature, a mineral called calcium carbonate gives Clairefontaine paper its famous trademark qualities of extra white and ultra smooth.
  • The ink used in all Clairefontaine and Rhodia products abides by the most stringent European environmental standards. The inks are water-based and made from vegetable oil pigments.
  • We supply most of our own energy as Clairefontaine operates a dual power generation system (electricity and steam) which supplies 80% of the mill’s needs.
  • Through a plan for improving sorting at source and recycling/transforming, Clairefontaine has reduced the quantity of solid waste produced by the plant by over two-thirds. Packaging is designed to produce the least waste (returnable containers, bulk packaging, etc.) The waste from the water treatment plant is converted into agricultural compost. This is a first for the paper industry.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: The Benefits of a Consistent Source of Paper Manufacturing

  1. All super cool stuff, but I think the water purification is the most impressive. Returning a finite resource cleaner than you found it is something very few people bother to do; many companies are extremely wasteful with water and don’t seem to care what happens to the polluted water they dump when they’re finished. My town has the good fortune to be located near impressively pure underground water supplies, but surface water and water buried only shallowly can get tainted even by companies who are careful about their use.

    That Clairefontaine works so hard to protect and *improve* water purity makes me feel even better about purchasing Rhodia notepads.


    To be honest, all of the above really fall into the same category of being an environmentally aware, responsible and ethical manufacturer who we the customer can put our faith in when purchasing. Not only are the products of superior grade, made to the highest standards (with being suitable for fountain pen inks a huge plus) but the company manages to deliver all of that whilst maintaining high standards of environmental awareness. It gives me as a long standing customer a nice fuzzy feeling inside; knowing that I get to indulge my passion, without it having a negative effect on the rest of the planet.

    Kudos to Clairefontaine!

  3. I have to agree with Mark Healy, all are impressive. To me the most important is the water recycling, after that the power generation. The totality of all of these really sets Rhoda apart and make me proud to using these great products.

  4. I think all these are pretty impressive facts about Clairefontaine. Well done to you in your efforts to look after the environment while manufacturing a truly fine product.

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