Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

2016 Rhodia Weekly Planner Update



Your comments counted. We will be keeping the hardbound edition for 2016 and not changing over to refillable.

Since more and more people like to draft and make notes on graph paper, we may explore developing a daily pocket planner with this type of notes page.



9 thoughts on “2016 Rhodia Weekly Planner Update

  1. Been a user since 2008 and love the product. I was a little disappointed with the 2015 version without the bookmark ribbon and the rear pocket. If possible please bring them back for 2016 and beyond!

  2. Another voice for a pocket and bookmark – please (or German: Bitte, bitte, bitte). Loved the Academic version too. If you make one change though – please bring the pocket and the bookmark back. I usually order early, this year I am delaying buying the 2016 to December in hopes of getting those.

  3. Everyone wants the pocket back. I need both the pocket And the ribbon. Please, please.

  4. I *LOVED* my orange 2013-14 academic-year Rhodia planner with pocket and bookmark (I’m a teacher, so academic-year planners work best for me). I loved it so much, I bought more of them for my (teacher) friends. But I only got ONE academic-year planner, and then they were suddenly unavailable. So I switched to a calendar-year planner for the rest of 2014, and it was almost as good. Then my 2015 planner arrived without a pocket or bookmark, so I hacked it from last year’s planner — but alas, the planners I bought for my friends didn’t have the pockets or bookmarks :(
    PLEASE don’t tell me that I can’t even get the pocket-less, bookmark-less calendar planners for 2016 … my friends and I are now all hooked on the orange covers of Rhodia. Please don’t make me go back to a planner with inferior paper. Please. PLEASE.

  5. I miss the bookmark that was no longer in the weekly notebook for 2015, I’d previously found it useful. I still tear the perforated pages at the bottom each week which helps.

  6. Thank you.

    Now if the pocket/envelope were to be put back into the 2016 pocket sized planner then all would be right with my world. 2014 edition has a pocket, 2015 edition does not have a pocket. Disappointing.

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