Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Tuesday Talk Back: Ivory paper with grey lines – your thoughts?


Ivory Rhodia Paper

The new Rhodia Anniversary notepad set contains the same ivory paper as in the Webbie (Webnotebook) and the R by Rhodia premium pads – 90g with grey graph ruling.

How do you like the 90g ivory Rhodia paper? Do you prefer it over the white? Prefer the grey ruling over the blue? We’ve heard a few people talk about fountain pen ink colors on white vs. ivory – what are your thoughts on that? Are there any other Rhodia products that you’d like to see use the ivory paper?

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk Back: Ivory paper with grey lines – your thoughts?

  1. As Darcy and Elle said- blue grid on white gives a really strong contrast. I like using the crispness and colour clarity of white, but the blue grid washes out the contrast of the ink on the paper instead of giving me a guide as to where to write. It steals the focus away from what I wrote if that makes sense?
    Mike in Sydney

  2. I’ve been using the 90g rhodia r pads a year now.
    Really like the subtle tone of the paper and of course the silky smooth surface. I still use a reverse pad in regular white. they’re still my go to paper for drafts/quick plans etc. I would say that for writing etc. The ivory is definitely better because it is easy on the eyes and handles ink exceptionally great. But for multi purpose professional use. The white has the advantage due to the fact that details show much better on the regular white.
    Concerning the color of the lines/grids i would say that grey definitely suits the ivory well due to its more laid-back hue than the violet (blue) lines.
    Happy writing everyone!

  3. I would prefer grey lines on both white and ivory as the blue can overpower my content.
    As to ivory versus white – I am one who have said before that I wish the webbies came in white, as well, because I like the colours of my fountain pen ink to be true – this is even more important to me on grid paper because I use colours a LOT when mind-mapping and planning.

  4. Had you only asked if the preference was ivory or white paper, I would just say I prefer the ivory because it’s easier on my eyes. Your second question, though, blue lines or gray, got me to consider a bit more why I prefer the ivory, and I realize that it’s not only the paper color but also the way the lines show up on the paper. My eyes would be significantly less bothered with grey lines on white paper or blue lines on ivory paper. It’s the bright blue against the bright white that they have trouble with. That being said, I use my Rhodia products with white paper a lot. It’s just typically in places with soft lighting.

  5. I prefer the grey lines because the blue are too prominent. Both the ivory and the white have their merits. The ivory paper is easier on eyes and although I am using fountain pens the color of the paper isn’t a problem, either way.

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