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Guest Blogger Gabe Couch: Designer at Few


Gabe Couch

I’m Gabe Couch, a designer and partner at Few. I’m also CEO of our internal startup, Tagless Style – an alternative online style service. Our group of friends launched a design and development conference in 2012 called Made by Few and last year Designed by Few which was a large part of launching Few, a mobile and web application development house. We are located in the center of Arkansas (The Natural State) and are working on creating a truly creative culture here.

Before coming on to Few full time, I had worked with some of the worlds largest brands. I was the Global Ui/Ux designer for Saatchi & Saatchi X working with digital campaigns for some of the large PnG brands. I freelanced for Between the Two and had the chance to contract for Barrows North America working on some inshore assets for Unilver. During the last two years, I have had a couple of startup ventures that sadly didn’t make it, but had the chance to learn so much from what didn’t work.

I’m a huge believer in self challenging and learning, and stepping out of your comfort zone is part of it.

Gabe Couch Made By Few

I discovered Rhodia a couple years ago while trying to find the right pad to be able to switch gears on my visual projects. I am primarily a Ui/Ux designer but am very keen on hand typography and illustration. I’m a huge believer that ANY and EVERY project should start pencil to paper in some capacity. I do quite a bit of my work on paper before taking it digitally no matter the goal. The key to finishing any project (and by finishing I mean knocking it out of the park) is Planning, Planning, Planning. What better way to do it than with a killer pad and pencil ?

I love the different size options that Rhodia offers, in combination with the quality of their paper. They are great for capturing ideas as they come out of nowhere, as they always seem to do. Once I got my hands on the  No. 38 dotPad, I was in love.

Gabe Couch

I have found with the breath of work I do, the dotGrid paper is great. I’ve recently discovered an app called Marvel Prototyping which allows you to take images of sketching and wire them for low-fidelity mockups. This app, combined with the Rhodia pads is a match made in heaven for me, and makes our developers life much easier.

This year we had our third Made by Few conference and our second design competition in which we gave away some awesome Rhodia pads! It was hard to part ways with them, but I’m so happy that Rhodia supported our event and that we had the chance to show the awesome quality of their product.

Gabe Couch Designer

If you’re curious about the end results of some the work I’ve started in my Rhodia pads, you can check out

Keep making things- and most importantly, be nice and make them proud.

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  1. I didn’t even know Rhodia made this size in a dot pad! They would be soooo perfect for brain-mapping my characters & doing beat sheets. Thanks for the demo!

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