Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

2016 Rhodia Planner Change



Work has started on next year’s catalogs.  This includes 2016 planners.

We are seriously considering a change for Rhodia WebPlanners, or Rhodia Weekly Notebooks as I like to call them.  The change includes moving away from a bound hard cover to something else. The format will remain the same–week on left, page in graph for notes on right.

In the new version, the Rhodia planner, both pocket and desk, will have a firm orange cardboard cover which can be used as is, or inserted into black smooth or grained leatherette cover for people who prefer a refillable option.

The planner will be lighter, and also less expensive.  We may expand the line to include Academic Year (August-July) in addition to Calendar Year (January-December).

We think these changes will expand its appeal, especially to people who like to work out ideas, problems and designs on graph paper.

Your comments and questions are welcome.


12 thoughts on “2016 Rhodia Planner Change

  1. With the growing love for travelers notebooks and bullet journaling worldwide, Rhodia Weekly Notebooks could fill the gap of the lack of no show-through dot grid A5 paper and take away forward planning problems.

  2. I’m torn about the refillable. I prefer to not waste serious covers, but I want the elastic closure and ribbon without having to fit it around an external cover. I might be happy with just the tear-off corners in lieu of the ribbon, but I don’t want to mess with the elastic closure. However, you guys appear to have done a single run of the academic calendars and cancelled them. Please bring them back. Pretty please? I’m a professor and that format is really preferable for me.

  3. I concur with Beth and Rick. I like the bound planner – don’t change it, it works well as it is.

  4. Thank you all for your comments. I was actually a little surprised, thinking more people will opt for refillable. We’ll rethink changing, based on your input. In any event, the 2015 editions will be hardcover and bound, just like 2014. I will keep you posted.

  5. I agree with Beth’s comments above. If the changes you have outlined come to pass then I will be looking for a new planner for 2015. Hello Leuchtturm? Isn’t it enough that you’ve eliminated the back pocket / envelope from the 2015 pocket version?

  6. I love the idea of a refillable. I usually get used to my cover–it gets personalized in some way. Right now I use the Quo Vadis Trinote, though it is a bit too big. Nonetheless, I love the red cover, so I can’t see myself changing except for the insert.

  7. I do not like having a refillable-type planner. I like being able to fill up the year and then get a completely new planner to start the new year, a symbolic fresh start. I wouldn’t want a reusable cover, and so I would also worry about durability and wear from being in and out of bags with various potentially harmful items like books, water bottles, keys, etc. I would likely settle for a Moleskine planner in order to keep the form I want.

  8. I’m more concerned about durability in & out of bags. Refillable is less appealing to me than something that won’t crush & crumple in overhead bins or under seats. Flimsy & cheap aren’t Rhodia characteristics. I frequently use the hard cover to protect other items.

  9. I bought and used one of the first Rhodia Webplanners in 2010. My planner had a soft cardboard cover with a somewhat waxy coating not unlike a bloc pad. Will the 2016 covers be similar?

    While on the topic of planner design, it would be great if the 2016 planners could retain the elastic closure strap and include more pages for notes in the back. My current practice is to clip loose A5 sheets to the back of the planner, but this is not an elegant solution.


  10. I’m always in favor of the refillable idea. When the completed planner is removed from the cover, it’s compact and easier to archive!

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