Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

2016 Rhodia Planner Change



Work has started on next year’s catalogs.  This includes 2016 planners.

We are seriously considering a change for Rhodia WebPlanners, or Rhodia Weekly Notebooks as I like to call them.  The change includes moving away from a bound hard cover to something else. The format will remain the same–week on left, page in graph for notes on right.

In the new version, the Rhodia planner, both pocket and desk, will have a firm orange cardboard cover which can be used as is, or inserted into black smooth or grained leatherette cover for people who prefer a refillable option.

The planner will be lighter, and also less expensive.  We may expand the line to include Academic Year (August-July) in addition to Calendar Year (January-December).

We think these changes will expand its appeal, especially to people who like to work out ideas, problems and designs on graph paper.

Your comments and questions are welcome.


12 thoughts on “2016 Rhodia Planner Change

  1. My favorite weekly planner ever was the 2010-2011 desk size Academic Planner – it had a sturdy cardboard cover and elastic close, 90g pages beautifully bound, opened flat on the desk (no pocket, but that would be handy!). Academic planners are great for non students and non academics whose work is scheduled on a fiscal year and not a calendar year! also PLEASE keep the classic 90g paper for the larger size :)

  2. I like the idea of cardboard, rigid but light! But, please please bring back the pocket. We need the pocket!

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