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Fountain Pen Friends: Ever order ink samples?


Image courtesy of emraher on Instagram
Image courtesy of emraher on Instagram

One of the big draws to writing with a fountain pen is the ability to choose your ink. With literally hundreds of colors available from a wide variety of brands, chances are you will be able to find the exact shade of blue or violet that you’ve been searching for.

Aside from color, inks have additional properties that may be of interest to the user such as:

  • Viscosity. Some pens that have a tendency to write dry, might benefit from an ink that flows more freely and vise versa.
  • Saturation. Some inks contain much more pigment than others. This would likely be an aesthetic choice, as would be an ink’s ability to show shading.
  • Scent. Depending on the materials used to create the ink, some may emit a stronger scent than another. Some inks even add fragrance to their chemistry.
  • Waterproof. As fountain pen inks are water based and do not contain shellac, there are options for people wanting or needing their inks to be water-resistant on the page.

What is shading? Lapis on the Fountain Pen Network offers this explanation: “…shading is an easily observable increase in intensity and/or darkness in certain parts of the handwriting on paper. … The easiest place to see shading is basically on the downstrokes of your hand, where the nib usually gets more force down onto the paper. Then the line is usualy wider, slower and thus more ink gets posted onto the paper. Shading is best (not exclusively) done using a broad, especially flexy or, to a certain extent, springy nib.”

If you’d like to try some inks before you buy, check out the forums on the Fountain Pen Network to see who has what that they’d like to swap. Popular retailer that sell ink samples include Goulet Pens, Anderson Pens and isellpens.

2 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Friends: Ever order ink samples?

  1. I also regularly order ink samples from Goulet Pens. I only recently got into fountain pens within the past year/year and half, after wanting to purchase them for years but for whatever reason not doing so. I like to switch it up with my writing instruments (gel or rollerballs, FPs, and pencil), so it’ll take me ages to get through a whole bottle. Ink samples are a great way to learn about new inks and not worry (as I’m wont to do) about ink just sitting around. So far I’m a big fan of Diamine, Ancient Copper in particular. I do also enjoy J. Herbin’s Cafe des Iles.

  2. I am regularly ordering ink samples. Mainly because I want to find the best ink that will work in most of my pens :) I have since ordered 3 full size bottles (from Goulet’s of course :) ) and They have all three been Noodler’s brand. So far I am really into Noodler’s, Diamine, and Private Reserve. I tried De Atramentis brand and they seem way too dry for any of my pens (which range from Lamy Safari’s to Pilot Prera and now Pilot Vanishing)I actually have another Lamy pen that should be arriving in the mail today along with 5 ink samples.

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