Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

More Dots?


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We know that you love our dots, but how could we make you love them more? I myself would like to see Rhodia spiral bound dot notebooks. Are you familiar with the Exacompta index cards? I would love to see dot versions of these as well. (Exacompta, Rhodia, J. Herbin and Quo Vadis, are all brands under the Clairefontaine parent company umbrella. Decopatch and Brause too.)

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7 thoughts on “More Dots?

  1. +1 for dot top-bound spiral pads. And a dot reverse book would be the best thing since sliced bread… Or even better than sliced bread!

  2. I’m a big fan of index cards, but I hadn’t seen the Exacompta versions. I’ll need to find a supplier. I like the size, and the colors.

    Re dotted products — I like them. I’d like dotted index cards too. I often diagram and sketch on cards, so they’d be useful.

  3. Dots would let me turn the 3×5 the long way. Better orientation for me &2 options in 1 card.

  4. I would love to see dot pads of the top-spiral bound type , especially the no. 18. (Full letter sized). My favorite style, being a lefty.

    I would like to see dot in other sizes too- 16,13 etc.

    Thanks for asking!

  5. I remember being in Paris and seeing a woman on the phone jotting a note on one of those index cards. I had to get some. And I did. Have lots of them. Love them. Paris has so many more varieties of Claire Fontaine products. Wish we could get more here in the USA.

  6. I used those Bristol cards (well, the A6 5x5mm squared version) when I was a college student in France circa 1989. Studies show taking handwritten notes yields better recall than notes taken on a computer, and I basically wrote for myself an entire summary of the entire year’s maths and physics courses as a memorization aid to prepare for finals, which I passed with flying colors. I’d love to see a dot-grid version of them.

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