Monday, August 11th, 2014

The Staycation


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Have you ever taken a staycation? As in, scheduled more than a few days off with no specific plans? That’s just where I’ve been for the last two weeks- nowhere but here, and it was great!

Granted, it is somewhat a challenge for self-employed folks like me to ever really “stop working”, but I did what I could to clear my plate and free myself up to do as little or as much as I wanted on any given day. I spent time reading, resting, working in the garden, writing in my journal, and painting. I walked around a local music festival, watched a few movies and cooked a few really tasty meals.

Taking time for oneself doesn’t need to be complicated.


2 thoughts on “The Staycation

  1. Stephanie I’ve done it many times and enjoy it. My to do list gets attention for about half the day and the other half is doing fun stuff. Truth be told i enjoy getting these accomplished and marking them off my to do list. Can’t say I have done a full 2 weeks though. Good for you!

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