Thursday, August 7th, 2014

New 1670 Herbin Ink Coming Soon: “Gris Orage” or Stormy Grey


Herbin 1670 Inks

A new ink is being added to the J. Herbin 1670 line. Joining Rouge Hematite and Bleu Ocean is Gris Orage or “Stormy Grey”. Gris Orage is a grey ink with gold particulate which makes the ink appear silvery. It will be available in France towards the end of July. Samples have been requested to display at the New York Gift Show in mid August, and should be available in the US early this fall.

Is this an ink you will be looking forward to trying?

6 thoughts on “New 1670 Herbin Ink Coming Soon: “Gris Orage” or Stormy Grey

  1. Congratulations on the launch! I was hoping for a green or orange but here’s wishing Herbin success with the new color.

  2. Sounds very nice and hoping for good saturation of the grey which can be hard to find in this color.

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