Monday, August 4th, 2014

Requested: Fountain Pen Friendly Sticky Notes


Post It Notes

Dear Rhodia, I am an avid user of your paper at work and home. I am in need of fountain pen friendly Post-It type notes. Have you ever considered making sticky notes with your paper? I really need it as some of my pens do not play well with Post-It note paper. Please make blank sticky notes in several sizes..PLEASE. – Maria

Are fountain pen friendly sticky notes something you would buy? 

18 thoughts on “Requested: Fountain Pen Friendly Sticky Notes

  1. I’d love them! But in my experience it isn’t really the paper that’s an issue on sticky notes, it’s the residue of the sticky from the previous note on the front of the next page that causes the problem. Gel pens, fountain pens, ballpoint pens – they all fail to write through that residue. If the notes have enough sticky to actually stay on the page (a big issue for the less sticky ones…) and DON’T leave a residue on the page below, I am definitely there!

  2. Oh, yeah!
    Sticky notes are horrible with almost all FPs, so I just use regular paper cubes, where there’s a better chance of getting semi decent paper.

  3. Yes! I would definitely buy these (provided they are affordable as well as being fountain pen friendly!). We need things like that for us fountain pen enthusiasts! How awesome would that be!

  4. Just tell me where & how much! So tired of slick junk not even ballpoints can gouge legibly. Bright colors and a variety of sizes so I can flag books & leave messages, please. (I use the flag size & the lined 4×6 sizes the most)

  5. I think it’s a good idea. I would buy them IF I didn’t have to buy a lot of them in a package UNLESS the package was of different sizes.

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