Monday, August 4th, 2014

Requested: Fountain Pen Friendly Sticky Notes


Post It Notes

Dear Rhodia, I am an avid user of your paper at work and home. I am in need of fountain pen friendly Post-It type notes. Have you ever considered making sticky notes with your paper? I really need it as some of my pens do not play well with Post-It note paper. Please make blank sticky notes in several sizes..PLEASE. – Maria

Are fountain pen friendly sticky notes something you would buy? 

18 thoughts on “Requested: Fountain Pen Friendly Sticky Notes

  1. Yeah I really need decent quality sticky notes, go through them by the dozen at work

  2. Please please please can you make fountain pen friendly sticky note pads
    I work in a children nursery and make notes all the time on sticky notes but life would be much easier if they were sticky

  3. I would absolutely buy these in mass. I am an avid sticky note user throughout my workday which is the primary reason I haven’t switched to a fountain pen for work purposes.


  4. If I had to choose between a dot pad with tearable sheets and a sticky dot pad, I’d go for the sticky dot pads.

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