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Should there be a No. 17 Rhodia pad?


Rhodia Pads

Recent customer comment/question: “I love the notepads you make and the quality that they are crafted with. However, I cant find a size that I need. The no. 18 is too big and the no. 16 is too small for my application.’

This isn’t the first time we’ve had a request for something between the No. 16 & 18. Several people have mentioned the B5 format which is roughly 7″ x 10″. What do you think? Is this a crucial omission from the Rhodia lineup? In what way would a notebook this size better serve your needs? 

The Bloc Rhodia (top stapled) notepads originate in France which utilizes the widespread international ISO 216 standard. (A4, A5, etc.)

  • The No. 16: A5 5.8″ x 8.3″
  • The No. 18: A4 8.3″ x 11.7″
  • The No. 19: A4 Détaché 8.3″ x 12.5″ (In case you were wondering. the #19 has sheets that when detached, are fully A4 in size.)

The ISO 216 B series is less common in office use, and is used for a variety of special situations. B5 (6.93″ × 9.84″) is a relatively common choice for books.

North American paper sizes include:

  • Letter 8.5″ × 11″
  • Legal 8.5″ × 14″
  • Junior Legal 8.0″ × 5.0″

20 thoughts on “Should there be a No. 17 Rhodia pad?

  1. I tend to agree with what others are saying. I write a little larger. A size B5 would be ideal for my use. I would accept either the dot grid or graphic notebook, I am currently using your size 16 that is too small and the 18 will be too large

  2. I regularly use a Kyokuto B5 wirebound cross-grid notebook but if I could get B5 top stable-bound pad with detachable pages I’d switch to it immediately.

    Even harder to find good B5 lined detachable pads, for some reason. There’s a Leuchtturm1917 Composition Notebook out there, but maybe that’s it?

  3. I’d love to see a Composition Book sized Rhodia. It falls between the 16 and 18 as well at 7.5″ x 9.75″. I also have a very nice leather comp book cover that I bought from Innovative Journaling / Renaissance Art and I love that size for journaling and taking notes, so it’d be nice to put a nice Rhodia Comp Book in it.

  4. Also late to the party but I thought I’d mention that I have been looking for exactly this: a B5 notebook with Rhodia’s famous paper. I have lots of Rhodia pads but sadly had to switch to Campus notebooks because they had the B5 factor which is the perfect size for me. A4 is too big and A5 is a little too small, but B5 is just right. The Japanese seem to agree! Rhodia is still my favourite paper and I tend to use the No. 16 when I’m taking notes in a lab where desk space is tight, but I don’t find myself using the No. 18 at all.

  5. YES PLEASE!! +1 to all above. B5 is such a great middle-ground size – the biggest format that still feels meeting-portable, and a great balance between a compact-ish canvas and enough room to roam with thoughts. Text flow just seems to wrap very naturally on a B5 page, and there is still a good amount of room for diagrams, which are a staple for me. B5 notebooks and pads would be a welcome addition and let me stay on the Rhodia side of the market, where I belong. =)

  6. I am a longtime Rhodia devotee and when I use other stationery I feel a tinge of guilt. With that said, I do love the Apica notebook collection because they do offer the B5 and B7 options which just feel perfect for my needs in so many ways. When I order new business cards I always choose a size that’s a bit off of standard because my card will no doubt stand out in a stack of cards and with my writing that I do, I would love that same option from Rhodia and the B5 size works perfectly in that regard. I would really dig a Rhodia 90 -n 100 gsm sexy Rhodia R series both in a sidebound and wirebound in addition to tablet or reporter style formats. I write constantly and this option if made available would change my devotion to Rhodia from my primary choice to my exclusive choice.

  7. B5 is perfect for note capture, being wide enough that you are constantly starting a new line but small enough to cram on your lap/edge of a desk. I love my Rhodia notepads (as I write with a rollerball which just glides over the paper) and would certain purchase a lot of a B5 ish number 17.

  8. I have come late to this party. I only just found this page.
    Yes, I would live Rhodia products in B5. They are just the right size for me when I write.
    I spent some time exploring classical page layouts and determined that B5 has just the right line length for me and my smallish handwriting.
    I have even gone to the extent of buying A4 pads to be cut down to B5.
    Please, please, please consider making pads (and other formats) available in B5, or something similar.

  9. I would be excited to see a B5 Rhodia notebook, almost as much as I would like to see 6 or 7mm lined Rhodia notebooks!

  10. I have searched everywhere for a B5 dot grid notebook that’s not wirebound. I would snap up B5 webbies in a heartbeat.

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