Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Question for today: How Important is Color in Your Life?


Purple Rhodiarama

  • Does the color of an item influence your decision making processes when purchasing items for daily use?
  • Have you ever allowed the color of an item inspire you make an impulse purchase?
  • What do you think about Rhodia offering products in colors other than their classic black and orange?
  • What is your favorite color?

10 thoughts on “Question for today: How Important is Color in Your Life?

  1. So sorry Emy! And Yaaay for purple! I’m still banging around an $18 purple metal water bottle that was an impulse buy at the health food store several years ago. Also wearing a purple shirt as I type this. :0)

  2. Ack! I accidentally deleted a comment that was from someone about their love for purple… Amy? Ama? Ana? I’m sorry! I love purple too!

  3. My favourite colour is red — I love the shade of my red A6 Rhodiarama, and can’t wait to get it in A5! The other colours are so lovely that I will probably be tempted by the other colours as well . . .
    Yes, I have been known to buy on impulse when the colours are that lovely. I’m glad Rhodia has branched out from their traditional black and orange offerings.

  4. Yes I love the idea in other colors if it doesn’t raise the cost. Black is a bit boring but is what I end up carrying in the corporate environment I frequent. I like the orange so I am grateful for a color splash being available.

  5. I buy almost every color EXCEPT black & orange. Purple, turquoise, lime green, fuchsia, white, neon shades….

  6. Love Rhodia products in colors. I just bought Rhodiarama large books in various colors including turquoise, Sapphire, Beige and Anise. Great stuff.

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