Monday, July 28th, 2014

Art is a Learned Skill (Really!)



I’ve met a lot of adults who seem to believe that because they weren’t born with a pencil or paintbrush in their hand that they have no business making art. To this I say, Hogwash!

Most young children are able to be creative without self-judgment. It’s easy for them to make art because it’s playful and fun. Things start to get a little tricky around the ages of 11-12 because this is when children desire to realistically reproduce what they see, and may become extremely frustrated when they cannot. Learning to draw realism typically requires additional instruction and a lot of practice which is why a lot of kids give up art in favor of other activities. This is why you, as an adult, may think that you have no talent for art because you draw like a child. In reality, all you need (regardless of age) is additional instruction. (and patience) 

Having said all that, you really don’t require any skills at all to express yourself through art. if you want to paint, buy paint and have at it because it’s fun! In my experience, the most difficult part of making art is learning being okay with the results.

The Five Basic Skills of Drawing are good to know.

Image courtesy of nan_chanapa on Instagram

4 thoughts on “Art is a Learned Skill (Really!)

  1. Very true! I was born an artist, my mom is an artist. I draw anime-style art, fantasy art, pet art, sculpting, photography and I want o learn sewing to create kimono’s. I also write/illustrate manga (Japanese-style comics). Never stop being creative! ^_~

  2. Thank you! I recently got the urge to start drawing and easily became discouraged. So I decided to sign up for a basic drawing class which starts in a few weeks. Everything else in life takes practice and drawing does to. Thanks for reminding me of that. Great link too for the basic skills; there’s much useful info there.

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