Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Scheduling: What works for you?



How do you keep track of your schedule? Do you use a paper product like one of our Quo Vadis planners, or do you prefer an app or software based calendar that can be synced across all of your electronic devices?

While I like being able to check my calendar through my smartphone, the reminders I set aren’t a strong enough visual cue to reenforce the things I need to accomplish. I’m thinking about copying my schedule to a large wall planner in my kitchen. Is redundancy something that works for you?

7 thoughts on “Scheduling: What works for you?

  1. I’m with the dual mode crowd. My work stuff is pretty locked in with Corporate Outlook but everything else gets written down in a monthly view I use for planning and then again in Google Calendar

  2. i currently use a desk size Quo Vadis,this year in english but normally in french. I carry a small size Moleskin at the moment always w/me in my purse or whatever.I sometimes order my agenda from the Ritz Paris. it’s very elegant, blue leather w/gold edges.But I am very much pen to paper

  3. Call me a Luddite, but I still use a paper calendar as the sole tool to keep me organized. A full page per day format gives me plenty of room to note appointments, to-do tasks, ticklers, and anything else I’ve got going on.

  4. Dry erase next to my desk, paper calendar (either Journal 21 or 4×6 Rhodia) & iPhone. Takes all 3 to keep me going.

  5. Redundancy works for me. I use Google Calendar, which is available on all my digital devices, and I use a weekly paper planner as well.

  6. Currently I write down my daily tasks/appointment in a small journal and I also put them (important meetings and such) in my phone ahead of time. woks for me so far

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