Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

The Value of Your Product Reviews


Rhodia ICE Notepad Review

Objective product reviews intend to be unbiased, subjective reviews offer a single person’s opinion. Each type has value because the needs of the viewer are variable.

Objective reviews might typically include “just the facts.” Subjective reviews might be more helpful to tactile or kinesthetic learners who primarily learn through experiencing/doing things.

Reviews of our Rhodia products might include comments on the paper quality, color, design, style, size, ruling, color of the ruling, foldability, surface texture, durability, erasability, ease of use, portability, scent, and barometric pressure changes. You may speak to your use of fountain pen inks, ballpoint pens, pencils, (in a variety of grades) markers, paints, white glue, and glitter when applied to its surface.

We genuinely appreciate the reviews you take the time to write about our products because they go a long way in helping to inform potential customers. People get to know our products because of you.

Special thanks to Ed Jelley for his image above and also for his recent review of our new Rhodia Ice on his blog,

4 thoughts on “The Value of Your Product Reviews

  1. If you’re looking to expand your corps of reviewers, I’d be happy to volunteer. Quality paper and pens are a newfound interest and, coupled with my writing skills and blog, could be a winning combination!

  2. Thanks for this article. I’m new to reviewing and I try to be unbiased. It’s fun looking at a product in a way you wouldn’t have thought about previously :) I do always mention if something is personal preference :) Cheers!

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