Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Punching Rhodia



I discovered this log of ink/pen combinations on Instagram and upon closer examination, realized it’s on Rhodia dot paper.

Per Charles Barilleaux, “The disks, covers, and dividers are Levenger Circa. I have some pocket pages from Staples’s Arc line. I also have an Arc punch, which I use for the paper, harvested from a Rhodia A4 pad.

The dot is a good compromise; not unstructured like blank paper or overly prescriptive like lines. The grid doesn’t work for me, as I wind up spending meetings filling in the squares.”

Do you use a punch to include Rhodia pages in a preferred binder system?

4 thoughts on “Punching Rhodia

  1. I haven’t done this, though I do have a Circa notebook that would work well with it. Hmmn…

    I’m just grinning at the comment about spending the evening filling up the squares. I’ve done that…

  2. On the ‘Show us your Bags’ page, there is a photo of my Renaissance Arts bag that was designed for Rhodia/Levenger. I liked it so much I had a smaller one made. A great combination..

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