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Kira introduces Duncan to the world of fountain pens.


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This is Kira’s 8 year old son Duncan, who in in January of this year started using a fountain pen to write thank you notes. Below, Kira recounts the story of how she first introduced Duncan to the world of fountain pens. (And Rhodia!) 

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When my son Duncan turned eight, he was given a fountain pen and two bottles of ink from my best friend, who is also his godmother. At the age of eight, my son was still rather over exuberant with grinding pencils into his paper while writing- so I held off on getting him set up with pen and ink.

Several months later, (just after Christmas) I thought the time was right. Thank you notes need to be written, and since Duncan was working on learning cursive writing in school, the Noodler’s pen was ceremoniously filled with Noodler’s Polar Green ink. As we sucked the ink into the pen, I recounted to Duncan how I used to write almost everything with a fountain pen. This prompted Duncan: “Can you show me your fountain pens? How many do you have?”

As Duncan wrote his thank you notes, I collected my pens—some needed cleaning and some still were wet from more recent use.

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Duncan explored my small collection, finding ones that took cartridges as well. “I prefer my Noodler. It sucks up ink, and is neat to watch. Also there’s more ink in the tummy of the pen, then in a cartridge.”

From pens and ink, to ink in the pen systems, Duncan’s next question was how to store pens. The power of Google showed Duncan lots of storage options, including the altering of cigar boxes. Duncan enthusiastically exclaimed; “We can do that!”

Pen box

Duncan was graciously given several wooden cigar boxes from a local store when he explained what he wanted them for. We fashioned a case for his expanding collection of pens. With a growing collection of pens and inks, then next frontier of exploration has been the various textures, qualities of papers and formats of notebooks and journals.

“Black bound Rhodia works for everyday…. the orange is bright it should glow in the dark.”

Many thanks to Duncan & Kira for sharing your story!

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